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...not that I ever really did imagine it, but...

I'll be turning 50 in two days time. And like every other birthday I've had so far, it will come and go without any fuss. Mum phoned yesterday, to ask what I was planning on doing, and then invited herself round for coffee. I expect she'll bring me a card and a bunch of flowers; we'll sit and chat for an hour, and that'll be it.

I never really gave it much thought, but if someone had told me 25 years ago that my 50th birthday would be as uneventful as this, I would probably not have believed them. I would also probably not have believed that at 50, I would still be single (which I honestly don't mind), and unemployed (which I emphatically do). we are.

Quick question: does anyone have any (home) remedies to recommend to stop a cat from overgrooming? I noticed the other day that Manasse has lost most of the fur on his abdomen; and no, he does not have fleas, or a flea allergy. I went to the pet shop but they just sold me a salve that he licked right off again...


Apr. 9th, 2012 12:52 pm
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It's been 9 years since I put up my very first, and very tentative, LJ-post. At the time, I had no conception of how much this journal would come to mean to me in the years following: more than simply allowing me to keep a(n infrequent) record of my all too mundane life, it has allowed me to encounter people, knowledge and ideas I never would have encountered otherwise, and consequently has helped me broaden my horizons.

Now it's Easter and I've had quite a busy few days in terms of church attendance, starting with a long evening Mass on Holy (or Maundy) Thursday, followed by an equally long one including Veneration of the Cross on Good Friday, after which I even stayed for the prayer vigil until midnight; Easter Vigil Mass including four Confirmations on Saturday night, and the festive Easter Mass including two christenings on Easter Sunday. I was actually quite relieved to find there was no Mass scheduled for today.

What with all of the to-ing and fro-ing, I haven't had much of a chance to spend any meaningful time online, and so I missed my chance to wish [ profile] enigmaticblues a happy birthday on the day, for which I'm heartily sorry. Obviously, I wish her a very happy belated one today, and hope that this belated happy birthday will last the entire year until the next one, when I hope to present her with my birthday wishes in time.

Meanwhile, I was saddened by the news (received a couple of weeks after the fact) of the death of Pope Shenouda III of the Coptic Church last month. I met him in Leiden a few times, when I was a student of early-Christian utilitarian architecture and he, accompanied by some of his fellow priests, visited our University to look at some ancient manuscripts. He struck me then as a warm and friendly shepherd of his flock, as well as quite a jovial man in his dealings with us students.
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A new month brings new opportunities! I was approached by a recruiter for a large telecom company who thought they might have an opening for me, and so I've agreed to meet with them on Monday. It would be another interim job, looking after large business accounts, and the profile seems to fit so...fingers crossed (again)!

In other news, today's the day when Manasse, the benjamin in my household, turns 8 years old. Converted into human years, this makes him almost as old as I am (48 to my 49). He's been eluding me all day, refusing to sit for his portrait, but I managed to snap his picture anyway when he let his guard down momentarily.

birthday boy )
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Though they're only tears of happiness for the Dune Buggy [ profile] viciouswishes has gifted me! Thank you muchly, V!

Another year full of experiences over, and not the best of experiences, either. But who knows what this next, 48th year of my life will bring? I, for one, am eager to find out!
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So I tried to get on here yesterday, and let you all know how much I was enjoying the fine weather the gods had deigned to gift me on my birthday, but alas! I kept encountering an Internal Server Error after hitting the Post-button. This morning I read in the paper that Facebook and Twitter were off-line all day yesterday too, so perhaps there's a link.

Anyhoo - just a quick note to say I'm still having problems getting on-line, and no idea when I'll be able to post regularly again. I've received several pokes through Facebook, but so far haven't been successful in logging onto the site -- but it does feel good to be missed!

Of course I’m well aware that my Internet problems could be over at a stroke if I would just fork out for a new laptop, but unfortunately it seems as if the last couple of weeks I receive nothing but hefty bills in the post, and so that plan has been put on the backburner.

But at least Common Rotation vs. The Dust Bowl Cavaliers arrived with perfect timing, a lovely present for my 47th!
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And it's your birthday today, [ profile] elisi. May you have a fantastic, joy-filled day today, and many more in the future!
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Happy birthday, [ profile] pfeifferpack!

46 today!

Aug. 6th, 2008 10:46 am
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It's my birthday, and I've invited my mum, sis, niece & youngest nephew to go to the cinema with me by way of a celebration this afternoon. I don't usually have much of one, as everyone's always away on their summer hols and there doesn't seem much point in throwing a party, so doing something to mark the occasion is a welcome departure from the norm...well, to me, anyway. I don't know much about the film we're going to see (Wall-E), but I'm told it's quite good, and should at least appeal to Romeo who is only 6 after all.

Tomorrow, I have my first job interview, for that managerial position I told you about. I'm starting to get a little bit nervous about it now, so I hope going to the pictures will help calm me down again.
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A heartfelt HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! to [ profile] quietlychaotic, and as the day is drawing to a close, I hope you can look back on it and say it was a really good one.
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I guess Jobsworth was feeling better or has had some good results following his bloodtests, because he was back to his old insensitive, tyrannical self today.

He took me to task saying I haven't been doing a good enough job since I've started back on half days. He expects me to cram in a full day's work in the 4 hours I put in (that's 4 hours in the office, plus 4 hours travelling there and back). When I countered that I'm doing the best I can given the fact that I can't use my arm very well and am in quite a bit of pain when I do, and that I was disregarding doctor's orders by coming in at all, he told me he didn't want to hear any of my excuses. His message was clear: I either pick up or ship out.

Fine. As from tomorrow, I won't come in at all.


One of my co-workers told me Heath Ledger has died. The news has left me quite stunned. I wasn't a big fan, but I've seen a few of his films and liked him in them, so yeah...It's very sad.


Moving on, though: it's [ profile] bogwitch's birthday! Happy birthday, darling! I know we haven't spoken much lately, but you're always in my thoughts, and I hope that you at least are having a wonderful day today.
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I spent an uncomfortable night due to the exertions of the day before, and woke up with a strong desire to go out and buy myself a pair of black suede boots. Considering the recent state of my bank balance, I wasn't going to give in to this desire, but then my father called to tell me that he was out of cigarettes again. There are many shoe shops between my place and my father's...

black boots )

They aren't exactly what I had in mind...granted, they are black and made of suede, but they are a bit more butch than I had intended. Also, they're Tommy Hilfiger. I don't like Tommy Hilfiger, I don't own a scrap of clothing bearing that label. Strangely enough, I do like these boots of his, though...very much.

Birthday shout-outs today to [ profile] curiouswombat, [ profile] skylar_muc and [ profile] vegmb: have a marvelous day, ladies, and may the celebratory cheer last throughout the year!
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Wishing a very happy birthday to [ profile] nwhepcat -- may she have oodles of fun on this joyous day!
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A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [ profile] cheesygirl, and best wishes for a wonderful year ahead!
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The other day, I was reminded that I hadn't actually been to the dentist in a long time; so I called them today, and found out that the last time I'd been round for a checkup had been in March 2004. Huh. So now I've got an appointment for Feb 11th.


It was my sister's birthday last week, and so we celebrated the fact this past weekend. I was going to get her a new ironing board for a present, but changed my mind at the last minute and bought her an mp3-player instead. I put a few of her favourite songs on it, too; and I think that as far as she was concerned, it was the best present I'd given her in years.


I never thought I'd say this, but I almost regret having lost all that weight, as it means that none of my favourite clothes now fit. This includes my beautiful winter coat that I bought last year, which is supposed to be form-fitting, but now hangs off my body like a sack. I think I'm going to have to find somewhere where they can alter clothes, and hope they won't ruin it.


This evening, there was an e-mail from Ben, David's management, confirming that they'll see me in Leamington Spa next week. That is assuming I can find my way out of Paris and onto the UK, of course.
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Belated birthday wishes, and apologies, to [ profile] missmurchison and [ profile] speakr2customrs. I hope you both have enjoyed great celebrations!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] the_royal_anna!

May your day be filled with laughter and happiness, and your year with love and good fortune.
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A VERY, VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [ profile] lillianmorgan!

May your day be filled with fun, and the following year full of happiness!
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There's just a few more minutes left to this birthday of mine, which was good, despite the weather (it started to rain again today, of course). Just enough time to thank everyone on my flist who have made posts to wish me a happy birthday, [ profile] josephine64 who sent me another lovely e-card as she always does on this day, never skipping a year; and a heartfelt thankyou to [ profile] hesadevil, who has surprised me with not one, not two, but three new sig icons (which I'll be using constantly from now on => points to new default for a start) and this magnificent birthday icon, too!

I don't say this enough, but -- I love you guys.
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Enough, already! I've had it with this summer that just won't hurry up and get here. I'm so sick of all this rain and wind and more rain. Here we are in July, and I'm wearing jumpers, for pity's sake! Could those two or three sunny weeks we had back in April really have been it for this year?

Tomorrow's going to be my last day at work before my surgery. Yay! I've taken the Friday off to give the flat a really good clean, as I don't want to come home to it after two weeks at my Mum's and, hampered by my cast, be unable to do anything about my dirty kitchen floor. The weekend will be taken up by me ferrying stuff (clothes, books, mp3 player, phone -- and chargers, mustn't forget chargers!) over to Mum's, and saying teary farewells to my cats who Mum won't let me bring. Poor darlings! They know something's up; they've stuck to me like glue the last couple of days, and seem to get upset when I move out of the room and their direct line of vision. I hear them meow as they go looking for me, and Manasse has gotten into the annoying habit of trying to bar my way to the door each morning, dancing around my legs until he almost trips me up. Whatever time remains will most likely be spent here, as this will be my last chance to get online before I come back.

And although I tell myself it's too early yet to notice any change, I can't shake the impression that my jeans are starting to fit better. I don't feel like my belly is straining against their waistband as much -- but that could be wishful thinking. I still don't see a supermodel looking back at me from the mirror.

Happy birthday, [ profile] diachrony! I hope your day is fabulous!
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I spent the alternately showery and sunny afternoon trailing from shop to shop in the company of [ profile] db2305, who is entirely to blame for this:

She said I had great legs in them -- though in truth, I didn't need much persuading. They may not look it, but they're really comfortable; the suede uppers velvety soft.

Of course, I watched the Doctor Who finale yesterday, and I was somewhat less than impressed. cut for mild spoilers )

In other news, I've now been on a diet for 7 days, and it's been remarkably easy so far. I've had nothing but green salads, fish, chicken and eggs for the past week, and though I can't say I've noticed any weight loss yet (mainly because I don't own scales), I do feel a lot better. I can just about complete another week of this strict regime before I have to go into hospital, after which I'll be decamping to my mother's for a while and will, of necessity, have to give up any chance of continuing with the diet. It's a shame, but there it is -- I can't expect her to cook and care differently for me than she always has.

Finally, happy birthday to [ profile] ezagaaikwe!


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