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A full two months after Keep An Open Gallery, Common Rotation's latest cd, became available on iTunes, I finally received my 'first-run' copy. At first, I was so excited that I didn't look too closely at it. It was only after [ profile] anonypooh reminded me to examine the sleeve, that my initial joy turned into a more muted feeling.

When, at the beginning of this year, the request came to help CoRo fund their new album(s), I didn't hesitate. I donated a certain amount, which would entitle me to an autographed copy and my name in the thankyou notes of the next two albums. Neither of these promises have been kept. I'm sure it's just an oversight, but still...

The album, BTW, is brilliant and easily my favourite. And even without the credit, I'm still happy to have been one of its sponsors.
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Day 26: A song by your favourite band

Another late night; there's been far too many of those lately, but since I don't need to get up at the crack of dawn to go to work anymore, I don't see why I should pass on any late night movie.

Anyhoo, a song by my favourite all know who they are. Can it really have been six years since I first heard them play at that BtVS-con in the Pocomos? Back then, my favourite artists were Paul Weller, David Sylvian and Depeche Mode (and David Bowie from even longer before that) and they still are; but with Common Rotation there's a different element to their favourite band status with me: a sense of personal involvement and connection. Inevitable really, since they play small venues, or in people's homes or offices, and can interact with the audience more than those big name bands can.
Perhaps you'll see what I mean when you watch this video:

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There was no entry for

Day 23: A song that makes you angry

because there are no songs that make me angry. Songs can make me happy or sad, or thoughtful; they can get on my nerves, but make me lose my rag? I don't think so.

So we'll carry on with

Day 24: A cover song

There are many, many great covers by many great artists, and it's difficult to choose which one to highlight. I have in the end decided to go with this version of Look At Miss Ohio (Ragtop Down), originally by Gillian Welch, as performed by Common Rotation and David Berkeley and captured on video by [ profile] anonypooh. We were staying in New York at the time and had driven down to see them for an hour or two, then drove back up again the same night. While it's been more than two years since I last saw them, [ profile] anonypooh's over in the States right now and, if all's gone according to plan, will have seen Common Rotation at last night's gig, and I do so hope she'll bring me back a recording of it. Words cannot express how much I've missed them...or David, for that matter.

the rest of the days )
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So I tried to get on here yesterday, and let you all know how much I was enjoying the fine weather the gods had deigned to gift me on my birthday, but alas! I kept encountering an Internal Server Error after hitting the Post-button. This morning I read in the paper that Facebook and Twitter were off-line all day yesterday too, so perhaps there's a link.

Anyhoo - just a quick note to say I'm still having problems getting on-line, and no idea when I'll be able to post regularly again. I've received several pokes through Facebook, but so far haven't been successful in logging onto the site -- but it does feel good to be missed!

Of course I’m well aware that my Internet problems could be over at a stroke if I would just fork out for a new laptop, but unfortunately it seems as if the last couple of weeks I receive nothing but hefty bills in the post, and so that plan has been put on the backburner.

But at least Common Rotation vs. The Dust Bowl Cavaliers arrived with perfect timing, a lovely present for my 47th!
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[ profile] anonypooh and I at The Willoughby, Leamington Spa, Nov 2007. Pictures taken by Christine Crespo.
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Having driven through the night, with several stops for coffee on the way, we picked [ profile] love_by_137 up from Glasgow airport and then checked in to our hotel. I felt a bit restless, so while the others were happy to stay in and play with their laptops, I went for a walk around Bingham Pond, and crossed the path of some swans.

big birds! )

Finally, we took a taxi to Ashton Lane, which is quite pretty, had a few drinks, and slowly made our way to the venue. We got ourselves a table in the conservatory, and settled in for a long wait. By the time we got hungry though, the staff were ready to convert the greenhouse into an auditorium, and would serve only chips and garlic bread, which they would allow us some time to eat but then we had to clear out and join the back of the queue of the people waiting to be let in to the venue. Jules wasn't having that -- we'd been there since late afternoon, specifically for the gig, and she went off to have a word with the management. Soon, we were allowed to stay where we were, while David and CoRo got on with their soundchecks. CoRo's was Afterthoughts, and it was wonderful to hear that old song again.

We were joined by [ profile] tori_x and her friend Jay, recently voted Female Scottish Comedian of the Year. She will be playing London in January, and I hope I can make it to one of her shows then.

Of all the gigs in this mini-tour, Glasgow is my favourite, and it's not just because David dedicated a song to me, although that did make it quite special. I couldn't believe my ears when he said that "this next song (Red) is for my friend [ profile] gamiila, who is ginger", and wondered if I'd heard/understood him right -- in theory, it was possible that I wasn't the only girl going by the name Gamiila in the audience, and no matter what colour my hair, I'll always think of myself as a brunette...but he confirmed later that he had meant me.

It's not unusual for him to say a particular song is for So-and-So in the audience; earlier, he'd dedicated Angelina to [ profile] skylar_muc, and Red (again) to Jules. But I'm still chuffed to bits to have been given this honour, too.

The place was packed, the atmosphere fantastic, the setlists brilliant; and because they were playing in a conservatory, you could see the moon and the trees and the rain falling while the boys were playing, and it all sort of added to the enjoyment.

Brel, Glasgow, 09/11/2007 )

Too soon, it was all over, for me and CoRo at least. After this, they would head back to the States, and I would return home as well, while David had two more engagements in the UK.
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I got to Coventry well before noon, and met up with [ profile] freakspawn again at the statue of Lady Godiva. This was one of the highlights of the tour for me, as I hadn't seen her for what must have been the best part of a year, and we had a lot of catching up to do. We had a chips and eggs lunch in Whitefriars and succeeded in finding her a new pair of boots, and then we got caught in a sudden downpour and got absolutely drenched! We repaired to hers to towel off; then she had to return to work and I spent a few hours on my own reading a book by the radiator. Jules arrived bang on time to drive us to Leamington Spa, where we found the venue without any problems. The place was empty when we first went in there, and so we headed straight out again in search of a cashpoint and some food. Unfortunately, we weren't exactly spoilt for choice in the latter, but the landlord of the pub we'd wandered into gave us permission to go out and bring back some kebabs from the takeaway further down the street, which was really pretty decent of him.

Fortified, we went back to The Willoughby, and found it packed. We were left with standing room only at the back. Adam & Eric took care of the first part of the evening's musical entertainment, playing a slightly shorter set, but impressing the audience nonetheless. A young man named Adi rushed to buy their cd-s, then got a bit upset when we told him he could download about 600 UMs for free from their website. All I have to offer by way of illustration are a few grainy pics, but he has posted some video of the evening on his LJ here.

Also, there's a recording to be had from [ profile] skylar_muc's LJ here (friends only).

The Leamington Spa gig, 08/11/2007 )

For David, this was his third time playing Leamington, and he seemed really at home there. It was a good gig, and an appreciative audience; yet it's my least favourite of the tour. The venue hadn't been the best choice: the pub only consisted of one room and an upstairs, and had remained open to business to punters who only wanted to come in for a drink. They got a gig thrown in for free (but at only £4 entry, we almost did too), but saw no reason to keep their voices down or refrain from fighting at the bar.

As we were planning to drive up to Glasgow that very same night (or rather, Jules and [ profile] christyraymond were; I just tagged along in the backseat), we weren't in a hurry to leave the place

just hanging around )

but eventually, we did have to go. We drove back to Coventry to drop [ profile] freakspawn off and park Jules's car in her street, then piled into [ profile] christyraymond's dinky automobile and set our sights for Scotland.

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I'd managed to speak to [ profile] mezzer the night before, and she'd graciously agreed to share her room with me that night after the gig, so it was with a light heart that I that I stepped out from under the shower, then somehow lost my balance and fell...and broke the toilet seat. Shamefacedly, I confessed my mishap to the hotel receptionist on checking out, but she said it was fine -- so I was a little surprised when, halfway down the street, I was overtaken by another member of the hotel staff, who said she'd overheard our conversation and needed to fill out some paperwork relating to my incident. I solemnly swore the hotel was not in any way to blame, and went on my merry way to Waterloo, there to leave my luggage so I could enjoy the rest of the day unencumbered. I bought a poppy, and had a full English breakfast there, and took myself off to Oxford St to search for a Europe to UK adapter, as my phone was running dangerously low on battery life. I found one in John Lewis, where I also gave into temptation in Haberdashery, by purchasing a half cross stitch tapestry kit. If I ever finish it, I will have my very own Evening View of Westminster in needlepoint.

It was a nice, cold, sunny day, and I quite happily wandered around the city for a few hours. I had a rather surreal encounter with a dreadlocked girl in Trafalgar Square, who came up to me as I was sunning myself on the National Gallery steps. She introduced herself as being 'one of the street people around here' and, gesturing at my coat, asked "Is that real fur?" I admitted that it was. Fascinated, she stroked my sleeve and lapels for a while, then kissed me on the cheek and whispered "Thank you for wearing real fur" before moving off to beg a cigarette of another passer-by.

I usually get lectures from people on the evils of the fur trade.

Before too long, it was time to collect my stuff from Waterloo and head back to the hotel I had checked out of only that morning. I don't know what the receptionist must have thought when she saw me, the Toilet Seat Breaker, trailing behind [ profile] mezzer through the automatic doors again!

As a venue, I think the Cross Kings in Kings Cross got the thumbs up from all of us diehard CoRo fans. It's easy to get to, the food is delicious and the prices reasonable, the staff is very friendly, and the basement has no awkward layout or weird dark corners like in The Troubadour. Also, the walls boast some quite amusing art work. As my phone was recharging in our hotel room, I couldn't take any pictures that night, though; which is a shame 'cause it was a fantastic show.

The musician who had originally been booked to provide the opening had been taken ill on the way down from Bristol, but someone else had been found on short notice, and he made sure he kept our attention by unexpectedly SHOUT-SINGING at the top of his lungs every 10 minutes or so. Up next, David again took no time at all to win over any member of the audience that hadn't experienced his music or his banter before; I believe he did very well at the merchandise table later.

As to CoRo -- they were just on fire that night. They laughed, they joked, they sung like angels...and then...could it be? Surely not! Oklahoma? They must be teasing us! But no -- they're playing it! And now they're actually singing it, too! We...were dumbstruck.

Again, we didn't hang around after the gig for long. Most of us had work the next day, and me, I had an early morning coach to Coventry to catch!

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I took the cheap and cheerful option of a coach ride to Paris last Sunday morning, thinking it would get me there in ample time for the gig that night. But instead of the 5-and-a-bit hours I had counted on, it took more than 8 long and gruelling hours, even though we reached Brussels in 3. At 6:45pm, at the turnpikes 27 kms outside of Paris, all traffic ground to a halt, and for the next three-quarters of an hour we barely moved. We finally turned into the bus terminal at Gallieni at 7:50pm, which meant I had all of 10 minutes before the gig would start halfway across the city.

I got a text from [ profile] grimma saying she and her party were at the bar and there was no one, and I texted her back saying I was delayed but on my way; then I decided that since I was already late, I might as well check in to my hotel first, drop my stuff off, and get a taxi to take me to Le Soleil de la Butte. Then of course, the taxi got stuck in traffic, too. Still, I think I got there within half an hour. When I entered the venue, I heard some music coming from the basement, but it wasn't any song I recognised. I went downstairs, opened the door a crack and -as Adam would later say- 'snuck in'. He and David were sitting at the merch table near the door, and the welcome I received from them both was heart-warming.

The basement bar was tiny, but had obviously filled up with people since [ profile] grimma's text message. David found me a chair while I found myself une bière as travelling is thirsty business, and then I settled down to listen to Thomas Brun, the French singer-songwriter who had agreed to provide the opening. Singing in both French and English, he proved very entertaining and in some places, downright hilarious -- everyone enjoyed his set.

After he'd finished, [ profile] grimma came over and we chatted a bit till David took the stage and an expectant hush descended on the crowd. Except for myself, David's friend Stéphanie who had organised the gig, and Common Rotation of course, I don't think anyone in the audience had ever actually heard him before, but judging by the interest at the merchandise and speaking to people afterwards, I know he made many new fans that evening.

David Berkeley at Le Soleil de la Butte, Paris, 04/11/2007 )

Shortly after he'd started on his set, a big and rather loud group of French BtVS-fans arrived. They had come to see Adam and check out his band, but didn't initially have the grace to come in quietly or hide their excitement at being in the room with their idol just a few feet away; so I took my chair and moved up front. Soon however, David's spell worked on the latest arrivals as well. He was on fine form, and everyone who has ever been to one of his shows knows he likes to talk inbetween songs -- well, in France he likes to talk in French. He's very self-deprecating about his ability to speak the language, but in all honesty, he didn't do at all badly, and the audience clearly appreciated him making the effort.

Then it was Common Rotation's turn. Minus Jordan, who is touring with the Wutang Clan ("Seriously," said Adam, "I'm not that funny. I couldn't make this up"), but was he missed? Yes and no. Obviously, without him, all songs have to be performed stripped of banjo/horn/trumpet, but the stripped versions sound fresh and new and allow you to hear other nuances to old -as well as not so old- favourites. In the end, all I really missed of Jordan were his dimples ;-).

Anyway, they say a picture tells a thousand stories, and I have a million things to do before returning to work tomorrow, so:

Common Rotation à Paris )


Woe is me

Oct. 17th, 2007 07:02 pm
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As if it isn't enough that CoRo and David Berkeley have changed their venues in virtually every city they'll visit on their European minitour, after I've taken such care to find and book hotels close to their previous but now cancelled venues...

Without warning, my Creative Zen Touch 20Gb gave up the ghost today. I've tried rebooting it, reloading the firmware to it, and finally in desperation reformatting it, but it just. won't. work. So I sought to replace it, only to find that it's been discontinued, and has been replaced in all the shops (high street as well as online ones) by 1-8Gb HDD mp3-players...or 20Gb mediaplayers, to which you can download photos and videos. But I don't want photo and\or video functionality! I just want a 20, or better yet, 40Gb mp3-player! Why can't I find one?

Tour dates

Sep. 27th, 2007 12:42 am
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Nov 4th Paris, France - DB & CoRo
Nov 6th London - DB & Sam Isaac
Nov 7th London - DB & CoRo
Nov 8th Leamington Spa - DB & CoRo
Nov 9th Glasgow - DB & CoRo

Venues TBA.


- find reasonably priced transport The Hague-Paris, one way
- find reasonably priced accommodation in Paris, 1 night
- find reasonably priced transport Paris-London, one way
- find reasonably priced accommodation in London, 2 nights
- find reasonably priced transport London-L'Spa
- find reasonably priced accommodation in L'Spa, 1 night
- find reasonably priced transport L'Spa-Glasgow
- find reasonably priced accommodation in Glasgow, 1 night
- find reasonably priced transport Glasgow-Amsterdam

(and for 'reasonably priced', read 'cheap')

- get time off work
- get someone to mind the cats
- after finding & getting, book everything!
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Because it can't be mentioned enough times...;-)
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BTW: the band have decided to not issue the DVD for sale; instead, they will make it available FREE FOR DOWNLOAD from their new website which should be up and running in a week or two. "It's meant as a protest," Adam explained, "and you can't charge people for that."
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We arrived at the venue at 9 o'clock on the dot, but still had to wait in the foyer while the private function took some time to clear the main room. Fans were milling about, and we made the acquaintance of a CoRo virgin called Melanie, who had driven up on her own to check them out. As we had heard from neither Sherry nor Plin, and they were clearly not at the venue either, we invited her to come sit with us at our table. When we were finally allowed in, the waitress tried to seat us in her section at the back, but we weren't having that and politely but insistently requested a table up front. And so we were given the centre front table with only one small table, at which an elderly couple took place, between ours and the stage. We ordered our food and were explaining to Melanie the depth of our commitment to the music of Common Rotation, when the woman on the table next to me tapped me on the shoulder and asked if she and her companion ought to be worried. It turned out they were CoRo virgins, too. They had come to Philadelphia for a conference, and had decided to come down to the World Café Live after checking the listings and looking up the available choices on YouTube. What they had seen of CoRo had obviously impressed them enough to want to check them out further, and of course we told them they had made the right decision. The woman was from Australia, the man from California, though now they both lived and worked in Alaska.

Halfway through my burger, CoRo appeared on stage and launched into Auctioneer, followed by How To Lose. The next two songs, Trouble and Innocent When You Dream were new to me (I haven't listened to the Union Maid since late last year), but I'm told the latter is a cover of a Tom Waits song (shame on me for not knowing that!). In this set, Adam played the sax and the glockenspiel in addition to the harmonica; Jordan the banjo, the trumpet, and the flügelhorn, and Eric...just played the guitar like he always does. Since we saw them last in October, the boys have also added two more choreographies to their set: while Adam does a box step in Trumpet, Eric indulges in a hand dance in Trouble.

One thing I noticed about Eric, was how wide his shoulders had gotten -- as if he's been eating too many GM foods. And before you accuse me of blasphemy: I think Adam agrees with me. In one of the bits of banter between the songs, he mentioned that having been on the road together for so long, they can now recognise who's taking a shower by the sound the water makes as it cascades over them. "Eric has bigger shoulders. I'm kinda hairy and it soaks up the water. Jordan showers with his clothes on."

Of course, I tried to take some pictures, but those pesky boys just won't stand still. However, [ profile] rosamundeb, who is a far better photographer than I can ever hope to become, has put up some amazingly clear photos on her LJ here, which I hope she will forgive me for directing you to.

Anyways, Try Too Hard has been revived, and another new (to me, at least) song I heard was called Waiting For You. For the off-mic encore, they went with old favourite God Will, for which the next artist on the bill came out to sing with them.

I had only ever heard one David Berkeley song before, A Moon Song, from his debut album The Confluence. I like it a lot, yet it had never inspired me to want to find out more about this singer-songwriter. And after CoRo, I didn't think I could be impressed by anyone else. I was wrong. David seems to be the kind of instinctive poet almost, who paints a picture in words and creates an atmosphere in sound...if you know what I mean. And if not, I won't try to explain it further. But do listen to him, if you get the chance. He's worth hearing.

Jordan was on double duty, by the way, playing the banjo for David, who was also assisted by talented bass player Tyler Gibbons. There aren't many can lay down a good bass line to a folk song, but he can do so without seemingly having to try.

We returned to the B&B on a high, and didn't get much sleep, partly because we stayed up too late, and partly because there was some sort of altercation taking place in the street some time in the wee small hours. But who needs sleep when there is another gig to get to? Cambridge, here we come!

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And so another weekend draws to a close. Another weekend in which nothing much has happened; certainly nothing out of the ordinary, unless me breaking the blinds counts as such. As I'm having double glazing put in on Tuesday, I wanted to see how my blinds came off. I hadn't put them up, so I didn't know exactly how they were attached. Only one way to find out: I climbed on a ladder and started looking for clues. And then I started feeling for clues, or hooks, or... And then...then I started pulling the damn thing. And it came down. And it broke. Only then did I realise how I should have gone about it: I should have had two people pulling it from both ends simultaneously, with possibly a third in the middle. As things stand though, on Tuesday evening, I will have a lovely new expanse of window spanning the height and breadth of my flat -- but no blinds to cover it with. Damnit! These were bespoke ones, made to measure, and will cost me a small fortune to replace. A small fortune that I cannot spare, because...

...I'm going to New York! Indeed, I will touch down at JFK in 6 1/2 weeks! It's been 2 1/2 years since I've been there last and I need to see if it has changed. I'll be roaming its streets, checking out its shoe stores, sampling its bagels and slurping its coffee in the company of my travelling companion [ profile] anonypooh between March 22nd and 29th. In our heart of hearts, we're hoping to catch a Common Rotation gig while we're there; but just in case they can't make it to NYC around that time, we'll be going to Philadelphia on the weekend and see them there. As I've never been to The City of Brotherly Love before, that's one particular outing I'm quite looking forward to.
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There were two local support bands booked, and when we got in, Porch Song Anthology were up on stage. They weren't bad, though I thought their songs got a bit samey after a while. The State Broadcasters were up next, and they were really really good -- and as an added bonus, I came away knowing what a clarsach is!

Now they say that every picture tells a story, and so I won't waste any words. Here's what the gig in Glasgow's G2 was like:

Lollipop Time! )

Thank You, Mo & Jordan )

Common Rotation )

Jay & Nai )

Common Rotation again )

Kathy & Jules )

and Common Rotation )

And then it was over. We said goodbye to Corn Mo and Matt, and hit Sauchiehall Street looking for a place to eat - we fancied some Chinese this time, but we soon learned that on that particular Saturday, because of the football (Scotland-France 1-0) all the restaurants had to close around the time we'd started to feel peckish. However, we were told that one grubby little takeaway near the end of the street might still be open for business, and so they were.

The rain came down in buckets, and soon we were fairly wet and bedraggled. When I'm cold, wet and bedraggled, and hungry, I want comfort food; but the Canton Express did not have Egg Foo Yong on the menu. While the others opted for Chicken Chow Mein, I muttered something about this obvious omission -- and the man said he'd do me my Foo Yong even if it wasn't on the menu! This perked me up no end.

We met up with Jay & Tori again after we'd eaten, for our final drinks of the night in The Local; then we went back to the hotel for a few hours sleep. Our taxi would come to take us to the airport at 6:35 the next morning.

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A certain group of gentlemen was just finishing their breakfast as we came down the next morning. We were in no hurry, and enjoyed everything the hotel had to offer in the way of fresh fruit, cereal, and cooked and continental breakfasts. Our taxi came for us and took us to Belfast City airport, where we checked in, purchased some large mochas and teas and then went back out again to enjoy them in the sun. Security was tight and poor Julia's chargers and gadgets were all taken out of their protective casing, leads unwound and everything wiped down and tested for chemical residue...but while the guard's attention was thus preoccupied, Christiana managed to slip through the net with her bottle of perfume safe and sound in her hand luggage.

We caught up with Nai at Glasgow International, arriving at approximately the same time despite the fact that she had had to leave Belfast a considerable amount of time ahead of us, so yay! for Belfast City. After collecting our luggage, we hopped on the bus, and got off near Central Station. As it was still too early to check into our hotel, we left our luggage at Tori's and went in search of coffee/tea. Thus fortified, we fetched our luggage back once more, piled into a taxi, and arrived at our hotel at around 1pm.

Julia and I had arranged to meet with friends in Glasgow, while Nai wanted to catch up on her sleep; but first, we had to check out where the venue was. And there, scarcely 200 yards from our hotel, I stopped dead in my tracks as I came face to face with Charles Rennie Mackintosh's 1898-9 Glasgow School of Art.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Gingerly, I touched the hallowed stone. I could not believe my luck in chancing upon this building, that up until that moment I had only seen plans and pictures of...But we had things to do and I only had about half an hour before I met my friend, and so I tore myself away from this landmark of modern architecture in Scotland. G2 was quickly located as it was just around the corner, and I left the others in a pub as I went to find my friend.

It was good to see and catch up with her again over coffee and a delicious all-kinds-of-berries pie in a traditional yet trendy Italian restaurant, after which my friend took me to see The Willow Tearooms, in which the Charles Rennie Mackintosh decor is still preserved, and back to the hotel walking past the Glasgow School of Art again.

facade )

window detail )

Nai woke up shortly after I got back to our room, and got ready to meet with her friend, and I went back out again to meet with Christy, Jules, and CoRo & Corn Mo virgin [ profile] kathy1975, who would be coming to the gig with us. Soon, we received a call from Tori asking us to meet her and Jay in The Local for a drink before going on to G2, and we did and we all had lovely shots with funny names. I remember mine was called Fireball and made up of Absinthe, Aftershock and Goldschläger, and it was yummy, and only £2.50...

Then Nai arrived to drag us over the road, and it was party time!

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So, where were we? Oh yes, going into Lavery's for our second CoRo & Corn Mo gig in our mini-tour. The people on the door were very friendly, but they didn't have The List. Pre-paid admittance would be by confirmation number, they explained, but we gave our names instead and they still let us in!

The venue was a long, dark and narrow room with a few tables and stools and a swanky bar, and a small aluminium stage laden with equipment,

including a little china man )

and...drums?! Corn Mo came on just as we trooped in, to introduce the local support act and good friends of his, he said: Son of Shrimp. They might have been alright, I don't know, but they were certainly very loud. The sound man, Thomas, didn't know where to find the monitor and so the drummer couldn't hear what the guitarists were doing, but even after Jordan came and sorted it all out, Son of Shrimp's sound didn't improve.

Corn Mo was on next, and the audience went wild. He comes to Belfast regularly, and has built up a faithful fanbase there, most of whom were in the house that night. Plus, of course, he had brought us along, and we love Corn Mo. Unfortunately, he had now cut the werewolf song from his repertoire...but it's alright as Julia has a recording of it from that first gig. We couldn't get a good view from where we had been when Son of Shrimp were on, and so we had no choice but to go up front and sit down on the floor, where very soon, we were actually joined by said Scion of Shellfish, and then a few more people who were latecomers to the party.

Corn Mo in Lavery's...watching Son of Shrimp )

And then, almost before we knew it, CoRo were up on stage.

CoRo setting up )

They started off with the song that had been the off-mic the night before, a cover of Billy Bragg's Help Save The Youth Of America, giving their left-wing Democrat credentials; and then launched into 92 Mikes, which segued into Trumpet, which was followed can tell I snagged the setlist after the show, can't you? ;-)

It was an electrifying performance, with Eric occasionally rocking out, Adam holding Jesus hostage in the trunk, and Jordan doing what Jordan does best, i.e. play the trumpet, the banjo, the bass, the guitar. After the set, the boys went to do a signing, while a DJ unleashed the most godawful racket and we decided to head to the hotel bar for a quiet drink and a mulling over of the night's event among friends. However, we had scarcely sat down in our comfy chairs, when we were joined by Corn Mo...upon whom five minutes later, Child of Crustacean descended, like a gaggle of very excited, very rude young men. They pinched Christy's chair without so much as a by-your-leave, and pointedly ignored us after the following exchange:

Spawn of Seafood's singer: "We opened for Common Rotation!"
Me: "We know. We saw. We heard."
Spawn of Seafood's singer: "So you didn't like us then." - [hissy fit]

After a while, we got up and relocated to the lobby and the Internet. Matt joked that they could track IP-addresses at the website - "we know who everyone is" - though that fell a bit flat later when we realised that we'd been accessing the site through the hotel's rather anonymous connection.

Then it was off to Bedfordshire, knowing that our taxi would call at 9am to take us back to the airport and our plane bound for Glasgow.



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