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...and I've already come to the realisation that I fail at dieting. How did I do this last time? I can't remember. My excuse is that the weather's turned, and one can't live on cucumbers and tomatoes when skies are grey and hailstorms are about. Maybe next month will be better.

For once, my horoscope proved uncannily correct. It said that all my 'hard work would not go unrewarded'...well, today my manager offered me a promotion, which I was very pleased to accept.
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I spent the afternoon in the delightful company of [ profile] db2305, who came to The Hague for a spot of retail therapy in the after Christmas sales. And I'm pleased to report that I'm now definitely, if a little disconcertingly, down to a UK size 12 again. I bought 2 skirts, a pair of 'skinny' trousers, and a T-shirt, but these will be the last additions to my wardrobe for some time to come, or at least until my weight stops fluctuating and I won't have to try on a new size every 4-6 weeks.

We ended our afternoon by going to the cinema, where we watched I Am Legend starring Will Smith as the lone survivor of some sort of epidemic that turned all other human beings into mindlessly aggressive zombies. As far as I was concerned, the star of the film was his character's dog...but I'm such a coward that I spent most of the viewing with my scarf wrapped round my head. I never could deal with scary movies, and this is the best way I've found of stopping the nightmares from coming.
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Lately, I've not been feeling myself inasmuch as I can't seem to muster any enthusiasm for anything. It's a most peculiar feeling not to be able to care about whether to update this journal, for instance. I can't remember the last time I felt so uninspired. Not that anything much has been happening in my life really, although that's never stopped me from writing before.

This year's Christmas hamper didn't contain much to write home about: 2 hotplates, a decorative candle, an oven glove and matching apron, a tea towel, a food container, a bottle of wine, some olive oil and a little jar of course sea salt. I opened it at the busstop, and a Moroccan lady sitting next to me ooh-ed and aah-ed over every item I dug up from the box, so I gave it all to her except for the wine, the oil and the salt which I kept for myself. "Happy Eid al-Fitr!", I said. She couldn't believe her luck.

I got a rude awakening at the cashpoint yesterday, when I went to get some grocery money. It told me I couldn't take out more than 47 euros. I know I've been spending money hand over fist these last two months, putting together a new wardrobe to replace the skirts, tops and trousers that have suddenly become too big for me, and having a few items altered, but I had no idea I'd been going through my reserves so quickly. Part of it's my own fault, for never bothering to apply to extend my overdraught no matter how much better off I am now as compared to twenty years ago when I was making do on a student loan, but still...It's going to have to be a very frugal Christmas this year.
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The other day, I was reminded that I hadn't actually been to the dentist in a long time; so I called them today, and found out that the last time I'd been round for a checkup had been in March 2004. Huh. So now I've got an appointment for Feb 11th.


It was my sister's birthday last week, and so we celebrated the fact this past weekend. I was going to get her a new ironing board for a present, but changed my mind at the last minute and bought her an mp3-player instead. I put a few of her favourite songs on it, too; and I think that as far as she was concerned, it was the best present I'd given her in years.


I never thought I'd say this, but I almost regret having lost all that weight, as it means that none of my favourite clothes now fit. This includes my beautiful winter coat that I bought last year, which is supposed to be form-fitting, but now hangs off my body like a sack. I think I'm going to have to find somewhere where they can alter clothes, and hope they won't ruin it.


This evening, there was an e-mail from Ben, David's management, confirming that they'll see me in Leamington Spa next week. That is assuming I can find my way out of Paris and onto the UK, of course.
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Ten minutes ago, I was elated: by finally deigning to use one of those infernal treadmills at my physiotherapist's, and noticing that it displayed weight, heart rate and time in flickering red LEDs, I found out I currently weigh in at 75 kg exactly. 75 kilos*! That means that over the summer, I've lost 15!

That was before I logged on to the web and calculated that my BMI is 26, which means that I'm still overweight. Apparently, there's another 15 to come off before I reach the ideal weight for my height. :(

* 75 kg= 165.3466966387 lb; 15 kg = 33.0693393277 lb


Oct. 11th, 2007 05:29 pm
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I've bought a dress! You may not realise what a big deal this is, but it's the first dress I've bought in ages. I couldn't wear them, you see. This dress, it's figure-hugging and clingy, and I feel comfortable and confident in it -- sexy, even. I've studied myself from every angle and I'm so happy with what I see. No rolls of fat showing anywhere! I wish I could show you a picture, but although I've tried, I just can't take a clear head-to-toe picture of myself. However, some of you may see me wear it to one of next month's gigs, because it's so coming with me on tour.

After a few night's pouring over blueprints and doing some mental juggling, I've finalised the floorplan for our office move, and everyone in our department that needs a fixed desk will have one complete with all the paraphernalia that goes with it: the phone lines, the network cables, the PCs, the printers, the cupboards and whatnot. But most importantly, I've managed to secure us office spaces full of natural light, which we are sadly lacking in our current place of work. I've also managed to claim more space than we actually need -- no small feat when the whole building of limited space is moving to make room for 600 new colleagues who have had to vacate their premises because the lease was up and HP didn't care to renew the contract. I presented the plan to my co-workers this morning, and luckily there was only one person not happy with the space I had in mind for him, but then I swapped him over with someone else who didn't mind where he sat, and voilĂ ! All done.

Chris Eccleston in Heroes: fantastic!


Oct. 8th, 2007 03:02 pm
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What's nice about me being newly returned to work is that every day there are a number of co-workers who have to do a double take, and then heap gushing praise on my slimmer and shorter-haired appearance. Please God I do not succumb to the lure of ready-meals again when I go back to working fulltime in a week or two.

I should be resting this afternoon, but Mick, my nephew, has just texted me to ask if he can borrow my crutches. Apparently, he's tripped over a loose paving slab, and has badly sprained his ankle. The person in charge of the medikit at his school has bandaged it up for him, but he says he's having trouble putting any kind of weight on it. Poor darling! I hope this is a one-off and not an indication that he's inherited his auntie's problem with weak ankles.
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Over the last few weeks, all my trousers have turned themselves into hipsters...which would be alright if their crotches hadn't dropped with them, and are now habitually to be found halfway down my thighs. So I decided, on this my last day of my sick leave, to go into town and buy a new pair that would fit. On the way, I pictured every pair of trousers that I have in my wardrobe and concluded that I had more than enough slacks in grey, brown and khaki, and as for denim: I definitely didn't want another pair of bluejeans. I was going to find another colour trousers!

I brought home another pair of bluejeans.::headdesk::

They do stay up without the aid of a belt, though.

Meanwhile, my sister has given me these as a thankyou for me minding my nephew for two days:

She thinks they're me, while I'm not entirely sure what to make of them.


Sep. 8th, 2007 04:07 pm
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Now that my home's had a makeover, I wanted to get a new look for myself. Off I went to the hairdresser's, and told them I wanted it it short and snazzy. I think they certainly delivered.

that's better! )

ETA: now with added stripes! )

Afterwards, I treated myself to a nice green curry with rice and king prawns. Yummy! But a bit rich and as my stomach is no longer used to such things, it is now making the most embarrassing noises. I also bought myself a griddle pan, which should help with the diet.

Which is going exceptionally well - I'm nowhere near where I want to be, but I have dropped a dress size; and all by cutting out rice, pasta, potatoes, cappucinos and chocolate. Amazingly simple really, if a bit austere at times.

2 Things:

Aug. 11th, 2007 12:08 pm
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One good:

My clothes are definitely starting to fit me better. I'm not quite down a size yet, but my belly has lost its tendency to bulge over my waistband, which makes me very, very happy. I'm also feeling much better in my skin.

One bad:

My sciatica is playing up again. To sit is an agony, to stand slightly less so, and to move an activity to be avoided at all cost. It's my own fault: I ignored early warning signs, and now it's the weekend, and I am out of painkillers. Woe.

4 kilos!

Jul. 8th, 2007 04:16 pm
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4 kilos in 12 days! W00t!

The Name Meme. )
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Enough, already! I've had it with this summer that just won't hurry up and get here. I'm so sick of all this rain and wind and more rain. Here we are in July, and I'm wearing jumpers, for pity's sake! Could those two or three sunny weeks we had back in April really have been it for this year?

Tomorrow's going to be my last day at work before my surgery. Yay! I've taken the Friday off to give the flat a really good clean, as I don't want to come home to it after two weeks at my Mum's and, hampered by my cast, be unable to do anything about my dirty kitchen floor. The weekend will be taken up by me ferrying stuff (clothes, books, mp3 player, phone -- and chargers, mustn't forget chargers!) over to Mum's, and saying teary farewells to my cats who Mum won't let me bring. Poor darlings! They know something's up; they've stuck to me like glue the last couple of days, and seem to get upset when I move out of the room and their direct line of vision. I hear them meow as they go looking for me, and Manasse has gotten into the annoying habit of trying to bar my way to the door each morning, dancing around my legs until he almost trips me up. Whatever time remains will most likely be spent here, as this will be my last chance to get online before I come back.

And although I tell myself it's too early yet to notice any change, I can't shake the impression that my jeans are starting to fit better. I don't feel like my belly is straining against their waistband as much -- but that could be wishful thinking. I still don't see a supermodel looking back at me from the mirror.

Happy birthday, [ profile] diachrony! I hope your day is fabulous!
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I spent the alternately showery and sunny afternoon trailing from shop to shop in the company of [ profile] db2305, who is entirely to blame for this:

She said I had great legs in them -- though in truth, I didn't need much persuading. They may not look it, but they're really comfortable; the suede uppers velvety soft.

Of course, I watched the Doctor Who finale yesterday, and I was somewhat less than impressed. cut for mild spoilers )

In other news, I've now been on a diet for 7 days, and it's been remarkably easy so far. I've had nothing but green salads, fish, chicken and eggs for the past week, and though I can't say I've noticed any weight loss yet (mainly because I don't own scales), I do feel a lot better. I can just about complete another week of this strict regime before I have to go into hospital, after which I'll be decamping to my mother's for a while and will, of necessity, have to give up any chance of continuing with the diet. It's a shame, but there it is -- I can't expect her to cook and care differently for me than she always has.

Finally, happy birthday to [ profile] ezagaaikwe!
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My first ever batch of vegetable muffins have just come out of the oven. They smell divine and are surprisingly tasty. I never would have thought...

I've stocked up my fridge with fish and chicken breast. The vegetable drawer is full to overflowing with tomatoes and red, yellow and green peppers, cucumbers, rocket and lettuce, and eggs; and I've thrown out all those foodstuffs I'm not supposed to eat in the next fortnight. No bread. No chocolate. No fruit. No pasta. No rice. No potatoes. No carrots. No yoghurt. No cereals. All my favourite fruit juices and fizzy drinks have gone, and been replaced by cool, clear water.

It's all in a good cause, but I can't help feeling sad. By golly, those scales had better show a weightloss by the time I go into hospital! Right now though, I'm going to savour my last ever cappucino.
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With the return of the summery weather, comes the return of the desire to wear summery dresses. But summery dresses only look good on svelte bodies, and so I've put myself back on a diet. Nothing to strict or strenuous, mind you; I've just put myself on half-rations, no sweets, and lots and lots of water. If I can keep this up, then maybe I'll be ready for the aforementioned skimpy outfits by next summer.

Congratulations to that part of my Aussie flist who are interested in football on their team's first win: 3-1 against Japan -- what a beauty; commiserations to those who support the US, who lost 0-3 to the Czech Republic.


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