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What is wrong with people these days that they can't differentiate between black and white tie anymore? I swear if I see one more post going up in which someone refers to the Doctor's outfit at the wedding as a tuxedo, I will give up on humanity, and hope he does, too!
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Day 25: An acoustic song you love

Not only acoustic, but a cappella as well: Hildegard von Bingen's Ave Generosa as sung by contralto Margaret Philpot on the 1981 Gothic Voices cd A Feather on the Breath of God, probably my favourite example of ars antiqua (a music genre popular in the 11th and 12th centuries).

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I have no words to express how immensely satisfying I thought last night's conclusion to Doctor Who was. in case the next few lines may be considered spoilery... )

I can't do meta as other people in the fandom can; my thoughts on television shows, even the ones I like more than any others, don't tend to run that I'll just finish by saying that I have thoroughly enjoyed both the writing and the acting in this last series, and am looking forward to seeing Amy, Rory and Eleven again this coming Christmas.

The England vs. Germany game has just kicked off, but I'm not that interested in watching: neither team have really impressed so far and I'm indifferent as to which one of them will go through this afternoon. I am glad though that Ghana won their match against the USA yesterday; as they are the only African team still remaining in the competition, I think it will give a tremendous boost to the sport in the whole of the continent.

I missed the Netherlands' game on Thursday as I had a friend round for dinner; but I understand that again they didn't show any of the wonderful 'total football' they displayed in the qualifying stages. They'll be playing against Slovakia tomorrow, and I'm seriously worried they might not progress any further, if only because over the last few days every commentator and football analyst have expressed their opinion that Holland easily outclasses 'football midget' Slovakia, and pooh-pooh the fact that that 'football midget' eliminated reigning world champions Italy last week. That's tempting fate, and I don't like it.
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I was shocked to realise that we're already 11 weeks into Doctor Who, which means the season will be coming to its end very soon. Then what will I do on a Saturday night?

Last night's 5x11 'The Lodger' was particularly satisfying, though perhaps not so much on the sci-fi bit, but it certainly delivered on the semi-naked Doctor, the Doctor trying to be a real boy, the semi-naked Doctor, the Doctor as a football natural, and did I mention the semi-naked Doctor?-front. And it was particularly lovely to see him share a flat with Smithy (I'm sorry, I've already forgotten what James Corden's name was supposed to be in this episode).

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Matt Smith so completely and unmistakeably inhabits the role of the Doctor that any comparison, whether favourable or unfavourable, to any of his predecessors is pointless; so I just believe, sit back and enjoy.

In other news, England scored their first point in the group matches. So did the USA. I wish I could say well done to both teams, but the way I see it, England will have to improve a lot before their next match, particularly in the back. Their defense appeared weak, which was fine as long as they remained in possession of the ball up front, but proved a real concern whenever one or more of the opposing side's players managed to move to the box. Luckily, the Americans were never able to finish their rush on goal properly, but I do think Fabio Cappello will have to rethink his defensive strategy. Cavanaugh (was that his name?) seemed hardly able to keep pace with anyone coming into his area from the other side, and had to resort to one or two instances of if not foul play perse, dodgy tackling at least.

By the same token, the guys up front should ask themselves why they fluffed so many good opportunities. Howard, the American goalkeeper, held his own against the England team pretty well, but I had a feeling that wasn't so much indicative of his goalkeeping abilities but because they made it easy for him to stop their attempts on goal. On the other side of the pitch, the way Green fluffed that ball and then curled up in utter humiliation as he saw it go past the line was absolutely heartbreaking. Will he bounce back before the next game? Who else have they brought to keep goal for them?

To finish, today's musical offering is all about

Day 11: A song that reminds you of summer

Long Hot Summer - The Style Council, and not just because of the title! Whenever I see this video, it reminds me of how, when I was at Uni, I used to spend carefree, sultry summer days picknicking in the park and punting on the river in the company of my friends...where have they all gone, eh? And by that I don't just mean the majority of those people I used to hang out with (they've got married/moved away/died), but where have those long hot summer days of yore gone, I wonder. Here we are, the 13th of June, and it's still grey, and wet, and miserable. And I'm very much sick of it.

ETA: since Vevo have blocked the original music video on YouTube for copyright infringement, I've had to dig up another clip (also from 1983):

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Your result for The Doctor Who Companion Test...

Captain Jack

You are Captain Jack - handsome, charming and always in the right place. The girls (and boys!) just can't seem to get enough of you. The Doctor can't get enough of you either, as you always seem to turn up just when the time is right. You've taken and dished a few beatings, stayed until the bitter end, and always manage to get out of trouble when it suits you. It's almost like you have a knack for being in the right place at the right time.

Still, you've made some stupid decisions in your time, and The Doctor isn't likely to let you forget them. In fact, despite your worldliness and age, you still can't seem to keep up with The Doctor as fast as some of his other companions. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

Take The Doctor Who Companion Test at OkCupid

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With everything that's been going on in my life lately, I haven't had much of an inclination to think or write about the current series of Doctor Who, already in its 6th week. Now, after The Vampires of Venice, I feel I ought to say this: I am loving this.

So far, I think the writing and the casting has been brilliant. Yes, of course there are inconsistencies, improbabilities and plotholes, but this is Doctor Who and it sort of goes with the territory. But what I especially like about this series is how the episodes all interconnect, how there seems to be a real season arc forming and it's not just seemingly random visits to here, there and everywhere (as well as everywhen) as too many stories in the David Tennant-era seemed to me (but then, that could just be me, as even though I did watch most episodes, I didn't watch each and every one, and I gave up on the ones with Martha Jones in entirely pretty early on...).

With regards to the new companion, Amy, I think she's smart, sassy, and surprisingly empathic and insightful when The Doctor needs reining in (viz. The Beast Below). I enjoy watching the sort of relationship that's developed between her and her Doctor, though I don't ship them as I'm old school and I tend not to ship my Doctors with anyone, except in the case of Nine/Rose. Afterwards, this carried over, for a brief time and sort of reluctantly, into Ten/Rose, but only because the pairing had become canon by then. Boy, was I happy when he hooked up with Donna and she became his best friend. To be honest, emotionally speaking his losing Donna to oblivion affected me more than his losing Rose to a parallel universe earlier on. Anyway, for this reason I was enormously upset by the ending of last week's episode, but luckily The Vampires of Venice has brought resolution to the 'Amy fancies The Doctor'-scenario, and I needn't think about it again. Hopefully.

And The Doctor? I adore him. Energetic, running all over the place like his last three regenerations, quirky like all of them, an irascible, kind, friendly and dangerous genius and a madman with a box who, although he looks human, always remains an alien and an outsider. Matt Smith's portrayal of him fits my idea of The Doctor to a tee, and I love him for it.

Also, I can't blame Amy for her recent lapse of decorum too much, because he is quite cute, really.


Apr. 4th, 2010 01:29 pm
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I wanted to get on here last night straight after watching The Eleventh Hour, but I couldn't be bothered to start up the laptop (and also, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber's search for Dorothy came on so I sat back and cringed inwardly as some of the hopefuls butchered my favourite songs by Snow Patrol and Amy Winehouse, and got praised for it), and so I've had to postpone my squee till now. And squee I did. After the disappointment that was Ten's farewell, I was a bit worried that Eleven's introduction might be tainted by it, but thank heavens it was not. The new Doctor, "definitely a mad man with a box", seems full of energy and brilliance, and none of that world-weariness that Ten increasingly carried with him. Perhaps that's because he's "still cooking", as he put it; but I liked that he didn't have time to stop and think about what sort of person he might be now, or fall asleep to recuperate from regeneration, but had to stay awake to focus on the matter at hand which was saving the world in 20 minutes instead. I'm very much looking forward to the rest of the series on the strength of this episode, and I want to commend Matt Smith who's already made the role his own. I think I'm going to love his Doctor unreservedly.

Last Friday also saw the return of Ashes To Ashes to our screens, which started off strongly as well; all in all I think it means that television-wise, this spring at least there'll be much to stay in for...which is a bit of an inconvenience as I'm planning a short break in Paris next month (though I've no doubt that shopping for shoes in the French capital of fashion will be its own reward).

I've started on a bout of spring cleaning, and it's amazing how much stuff a person amasses over the years...and then forgets about completely. I've just thrown out every Buffy-related item that's ever appeared in print and that I've kept for no good reason that I can think of, esp. since I've not been actively involved in the fandom for a number of years. It's allowed me to take back three shelves in my bookcases and fill them with books that until recently have had to be stacked on the floor of my study (which I've also reinstated, having finally taken the computer and desk out of my bedroom). I've also bought a new dresser and dedicated it to the housing of my dvd-collection, so that's another mess cleared up. Now all I need to do is find a solution for the storing of my footwear (the boxes are currently stacked knee-high in my bedroom), but this will require some real thought, I'm afraid.
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When did I become bored with snow? I looked outside this morning, saw a fresh batch had fallen, and thought "Oh blast, more cold white stuff". It would seem that with the turning of the decade, I've turned into an old lady.

The Doctor Who-finale, and David Tennant's last appearance as the saviour of mankind and the universe, left me decidedly unimpressed last night. Why couldn't they have let him go out with a bang? After 4.5 years in the role, it seems the least they could have done. spoiler alert )

I think I'll miss Ten. Though I never felt as moved by him as I was by Nine, I did come to like him quite a bit, and I wonder whether Eleven will manage to stand in his shade.

Though I don't usually do New Year's resolutions, I think I'll make an exception this year. I need to get back on line, and fast. I've been pottering about trying to restore my Internet access and getting nowhere for long enough now, it's time to call in the cavalry (by which I mean I'll pay for someone to come in and sort it out for me).

No. 11

Jan. 3rd, 2009 07:26 pm
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Now that we know who the next Doctor is, I wish it were 2010 already!

It's not that I'm eager to see the back of Ten (far from it), but I'm just so curious to see what this particular young whipper-snapper is going to bring to the role. The fact that I haven't noticed him before can only work in his favour: I won't associate him with any other part he might have played, which is the reason I was deadset against the idea of James Nesbitt e.g. stepping into the Time Lord shoes.


Dec. 26th, 2008 02:11 pm
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Boxing Day, and the weather's changed from it's usual winter grey to clear blue skies, glorious sunshine, and an icy cold wind. Another day to stay indoors by the fire, I think...

I stayed in yesterday, too; and watched the Doctor Who Christmas special which was okay, I thought (I esp. liked the 'next Doctor's' TARDIS). Regretfully, I suppose it's safe to say that David Morrissey will definitely not be stepping into David Tennant's Doctor shoes when he leaves the role, and I don't know who else I would like to see take it on.

I cooked myself a lovely Christmas dinner of a simple tiger prawn stir-fry for starters and a main course of turkey and roasted vegetables -- despite the fact that turkey is not my favourite bird. My New Year's resolution will therefore be to start preparing for Christmas 2009 a little earlier, so that I'll have time to find somewhere that sells the type of poultry that I do find delicious, i.e. goose or pheasant.

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I had an appointment at the Job Centre today (it's one of those conditions you have to meet if you want to retain your right to benefit), where I was assigned a case manager, who quickly agreed with me that at present, there was no need for me to attend any of their usually mandatory courses. We made another appointment for Aug 20th; fingers crossed I won't have to keep it. Still, I wouldn't say it was a complete waste of time; thanks to the fact that my details are now in their system, on returning home I found I'd received an e-mail from a prospective employer. Unfortunately, the job on offer is so not what I'm looking for, so I'm not going to follow up on it.

A court ruling last Wednesday makes it illegal to download music and\or film files from the Internet in The Netherlands now, too. Before, it was only the uploading of such files that was against the law, or so the papers tell me. A spokesman for Sony said they were delighted with the ruling. I'm sure they are, but I'm not. Why, instead of fighting all these costly court battles, can't they just make cd-s and dvd-s cheaper? I feel like a mug every time I buy one, and it's only my own cluelessness as to how things work on the 'Net that prevents me downloading stuff.

Tomorrow morning, I'm off to see Kung Fu Panda in Amsterdam, my last hp-sponsored treat. Tomorrow evening, I'll be in Rotterdam for Dutch band Kane's first concert in two years. My sister's a huge fan of theirs, and I got us the tickets for a sisterly night out way back in November, but now I wish I could get out of this prior engagement and go see Corn Mo perform with Ben Folds instead. They have two dates in The Netherlands this weekend, and I can't go to the gig on Sunday either as, you guessed it, I have a prior engagement to go see Kula Shaker.

And I've just realised I'll be missing the Doctor Who-finale tomorrow, too. Pity, it looks like it might be a good one.
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Christmas Day started early round mine's with me putting on a last minute spring cleaning in the depths of winter, which was just as well as my first guest (my mother) arrived shortly before noon. As she's a member of a small faith community with only one minister catering to several churches/places of worship in the area, of course she'd gone to the wrong church for this year's Christmas service, and then decided she might as well come and get in my way help me with my preparations.

My sister and the kids arrived right on time for drinks and nibblies, my spring rolls and deep fried shrimp in batter, the salmon and smoked eel. Romeo was disappointed to find my telly wasn't working (and failed to see it was because I had unplugged it from the socket); I'm afraid I've dropped a few points in his estimation, but not only do I believe he's watching far too much television as it is, I also believe, and I believe this most strongly, that when people come round for a social occasion, the idiot box should be off. However, I will allow exceptions to confim the rule -- and yesterday's exception was the The Voyage of the Damned Doctor Who Christmas special, which my relatives had been informed they would be obliged to watch with me if they wanted to have dinner at my place.

I'm not made of stone though, so I put in The Polar Express-dvd I'd gotten a few weeks back, and kept my littlest nephew amused and out of mischief for a while.

Christmas dinner was a cracking success, thanks in large part to the Raymond sisters' recipe for cheese & cranberry pasties, which turned out exactly as promised: quick, easy, and delicious. I served them with a chicory salad with a capers and anchovies dressing; roasted asparagus with cherry tomatoes and olives (both straight out of one of Jamie Oliver's cookery books); and Brussels sprouts, for that traditional Christmassy touch. For dessert, I treated them to red fruit tartelettes with vanilla-mascarpone cream; then followed that course with one of handmade (not by me) chocolate pralines, coffee and liqueur.

So after dinner we sat around and watched Doctor Who which left my mother, my sister and Romeo unimpressed. I...kinda liked it; or rather, I liked the idea of the Titanic as a spaceship, and Richard Bucket as a befuddled alien with a degree in Earthonomics. It explains a lot about how he could stay married to Violet all those years...or it would have done had The Doctor actually abandoned him on earth sometime in the latter half of the previous century.

Romeo and my sister helped me do the washing up, and after a few more drinks, they all left. I stayed up for a little while longer, during which I watched the To The Manor Born one-off Christmas special (somehow not as funny as I'd hoped), then tumbled into bed exhausted.

It hasn't been a bad Christmas, this.
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I spent the alternately showery and sunny afternoon trailing from shop to shop in the company of [ profile] db2305, who is entirely to blame for this:

She said I had great legs in them -- though in truth, I didn't need much persuading. They may not look it, but they're really comfortable; the suede uppers velvety soft.

Of course, I watched the Doctor Who finale yesterday, and I was somewhat less than impressed. cut for mild spoilers )

In other news, I've now been on a diet for 7 days, and it's been remarkably easy so far. I've had nothing but green salads, fish, chicken and eggs for the past week, and though I can't say I've noticed any weight loss yet (mainly because I don't own scales), I do feel a lot better. I can just about complete another week of this strict regime before I have to go into hospital, after which I'll be decamping to my mother's for a while and will, of necessity, have to give up any chance of continuing with the diet. It's a shame, but there it is -- I can't expect her to cook and care differently for me than she always has.

Finally, happy birthday to [ profile] ezagaaikwe!
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Reason the first:

Remember when I said I'd lost all interest in Doctor Who (I think it was right after that episode in which a mad scientist thought he'd rejuvenated himself but in actual fact had turned himself into a giant man-eating scorpion)? I take it all back. The last few episodes have been good viewing, and yesterday's was excellent, even.

Though you can't go far wrong with Sir Derek in the cast, I suppose. Or John Simm. Or...Captain Jack ;-) SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Reason the second:

David Berkeley has confirmed that he will be back to tour the UK in the Sept/Oct timeframe. That means, so will I. ;-)

Reason the third but certainly not last:

(and I've known this for a while; but the release date - Aug 17th- of their new album, their third, and their first in six years, is now fast approaching)

Kula Shaker are back!

And if anyone knows how I can Add a Video To My Profile and have it actually show up on MySpace, I'd be immensely grateful -- until then, I'll just have to post it here:


Oh forget it, it's bloody not working here either!

ETA: now it is!

Ankle news

Jun. 5th, 2007 09:25 am
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Rutger had promised me he would call during my consultation with the orthopaedic surgeon, so I hadn't really paid attention to all the medicalese that came out of his mouth at my last physiotherapy session. Of course, he quite forgot to call, and so in desperation while the surgeon's back was turned momentarily, I called him. Then in two minutes flat, after I handed my mobile to the consultant, where I had been arguing for twenty, it was all agreed: surgery to my ankle will take place on July 9th.

I feel rather overwhelmed. I've been pushing for this for over 2 years, but with the speed things are moving now, I don't know if this really is the right way forward; also because the consultant said he won't really know what needs doing until he opens up the ankle and goes in.

And I missed Doctor Who last Saturday. Can anybody vouch for me at [ profile] doctorwho_eps? It seems they've changed the rules after they'd had a spot of bother. Sorted. Cheers!
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It's taken me something like 2 whole hours, but my new 20" LCD-TV that is digital- and HDTV-ready is now properly set up and working fine!

Though it does look a bit conspicuous there in that corner where my TV's always lived...I know a 20" screen isn't that big, but it's the biggest I've ever owned...and the flattest. It's as if the whole room's been thrown off kilter, but I guess it's just me being silly because I'm used to things being more substantial-looking. I'm also a little bit concerned that if one of the cats (I'm not naming any names but *cough*Clio!*cough*) would jump up and swat the screen with her paw like she always does when Meerkat Manor is on, it'll fall over on top of her. Perhaps I should have mounted it on the wall, after all...

Speaking of cats and concerns: I came home from the place where I got my new set from to find that for the first time in almost 2 weeks, there were the tell-tale signs of a cat with urinary tract problems in the hall. Poor Manasse! he seemed to be doing so well! He's finished his meds, and none of my cats has had any chance to eat anything they shouldn't over the past few weeks, so I'm stumped to explain this sudden relapse. Needless to say, I'll be keeping a close eye on him for the next day or two.

However, there is some good news too: Leila left her hideyhole yesterday afternoon and hasn't gone back there since. She's behaving like she's never been affected by Manasse's little trip to the vet at all; and I could almost wish she'd crawl back under the sofa again. She'd be far less of a handful then.

I realised something yesterday: I really really really really really really don't care about Doctor Who anymore. I've been trying to get back into it for more than a season, or ever since Christmas 2005, but I'm sorry, I just can't do it. Ten, for all his ruffable hair and sexy glasses, just strikes me as a shouty emo and worst of all, boring and predictable lightweight, and the stories seem to get ever sillier. The recent Dalek episodes seemed to illustrate this quite sufficiently, but last night's The Lazarus Experience or whatever it was called, underlined it even more. Having said that -- I will of course tune in for Capt. Jack's return in 2 weeks time.
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In 2005, it didn't take me long to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with the all new Doctor Who-series and the ninth incarnation of The Doctor, who I started out loving as much as The Doctor I grew up with (Four), and then cranked it up a notch, or two. I cried when he regenerated, and mourned his loss for weeks after. I hoped that I would come to love his tenth incarnation equally as much, but sadly, it wasn't to be. Ten has his moments, but on the whole I find him a bit over-zealous, a bit over-shouty, and frankly, a bit annoying really.

Three episodes in to this year's series, my opinion of him hasn't changed. I kind of like his new companion, though. But the writing's on the wall as far as this fandom's concerned, I think -- what else could it mean if out of three episodes aired, I totally forget to tune in for the first (and only took the trouble to download and watch it days later), forget to tune in for and miss the first half hour of the second (and still haven't caught up with the bits I missed), and then forget to tune in and miss the first ten minutes of the third?

cut for possible spoilers )


Apr. 4th, 2007 10:43 pm
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I saw the orthopaedic surgeon today. After the examination, he declared himself unwilling to wade in with the knife, and has sent me off to have 2 months of physiotherapy in order to build the muscle strength in my lower leg and ankle back up. And by the way, although undeniably stronger, my other ankle appears to be as instable as the the one I came to see him about.

I also, finally, got around to watching the first episode in S3 Doctor Who. Rhinos in space!...yet they still buy their boots at Camden Market.
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Here we are, on this third day of Christmas, and I finally got to see The Runaway Bride, since I'm sick with the flu and therefore at home and (mostly) abed instead of at the office, working.

I must say, it didn't disappoint; in fact, I thought it a lot more fun than last year's Christmas special. At first, with the RoboSantas and the Christmas tree, I thought 'oh here we go again', but then I got caught up in the action and the banter and I didn't really notice them anymore. The monster was a triumph of the makeup department and, in true new Dr. Who-fashion, ultimately vain and easily defeated (why do the baddies always insist on talking so much?). Catherine Tate's character turned out to be quite plucky and endearing, especially after her fiancé turned on her; and David Tennant's Doctor has become a sadder, much less shouty one, and after what happened to him and Rose, that can only be right.

I wonder if I'll watch the Sarah Jane-spin off on New Year's Day. I gave up on Torchwood after seeing two or three episodes, as I found I couldn't really care about any of the main characters, whether Owen snogs whatsherface or Ianto turns gay from one week to the next...but at least the trailer for the third Doctor Who-season looked interesting and I think I will tune in again.

Anyway, Christmas...what is there to say about Christmas? Mum had the flu, the kids had the flu, I've come down with the flu since - and this led to us having a quiet family Christmas, all without a tree, without presents, and without a Christmas dinner. It was different, and actually quite nice, in a way. Though I do hope next year, we'll have one with all the trimmings again.
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I missed the beginning of Doctor Who last night, and was probably so put out by that I couldn't really get into the rest. Even the Dalek-Cybermen bitch-fest couldn't interest me (I started doing my nails halfway through) and I repeatedly got up to get myself a coffee or check up on what was happening elsewhere. I did tear up a little when it got to the end, but that was it, really...

But now that I've watched it again, and given it my undivided attention, I can only concur with everyone else who has said that it was a brilliant episode, full of action and drama..and yes, maybe just a little bit of cheese; but cheese is good, cheese is wonderful.

It's like Stephen Hawking meets the speaking clock! )

Only 169 days till Christmas...


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