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If I thought writing a good motivational cover letter was hard, now I know that purposefully setting out to write a bad one is harder still. I just sent off my first attempt and am mortified at the thought of the reception it is likely to get, but I had to do it: in order to retain my right to unemployment benefit for the next two months before I start in my new job, I have to keep complying with the condition that I apply for a minimum of two positions a week. Obviously, as I'm not currently free to accept any offers, I'm having to make reasonably sure that I don't receive any. So I've singled out call centre jobs as my best bet for being turned down, and am keeping my fingers crossed they won't want to employ someone who's so clearly over-qualified and over-experienced.

I have been taking advantage of the last days of the January sales to expand on my more serious work clobber collection. Even though the dress code at Apple isn't massively formal, I still thought it best, given that I'll be joining the management team, to stock up on something a bit more representational than jeans and cargo pants: neat yet comfy trousers, skirts with hemlines 2 fingers above the knee, and quite a few swishy cardigans. I'm a great fan of cardies: they're comfortable, they're warm and, provided you choose the right style, they're great at hiding those bits you don't want to draw attention to (in my case, the rack). My only worry now though is, that I seem to have bought a lot of stuff that is grey...but I'm hoping my co-workers won't really notice the predominantly monochrome quality of my wardrobe so much if I just invest in some colourful accessories and tights.

And can I just state that I was massively disappointed when, on logging on this morning, I found that return tickets to Sydney, Australia were still not available at 430 euros, as I had dreamed.
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I went into town for two reasons today: firstly, to try and find a new trouser suit with a slightly longer jacket, a search that did not bear fruit as the ones I found were all similar to my current suits, with the exception of two that did have longer jackets...but these were unsuitable for other reasons. One was white and double-breasted; the other, linen. I hate linen because it creases. And itches.

I did spot some fabulous shoes, though. However, after having received the shock of my final energy bill this weekend, I'm trying to be a good girl and haven't bought them (yet).

My other reason was to check out the various temp agencies and see what -if anything- they had to offer. Seems there's an abundance of work if you're about to leave, or have just left, school. Still, I left my cv at one, and may visit a few more tomorrow.

Now I'm at home, feeling slightly bored. I'm not cut out for this. How do people who are unemployed usually fill their days?
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My computer's in desperate need of additional memory. It's not been the same since last month's mishap, and its current poor performance is getting on my wick. The more so since I found out that at my new job, I have no internet access at all. I wonder if that doesn't violate one of my basic human rights? It certainly does feel like it...

Speaking of work, a month in and already I'm bored with it. It's not the job so much as the environment, the people. There's no buzz or excitement; it's just very rigidly organised, inward-looking and sedate. I can't seem to connect with anyone apart from my supervisor and another Eastern European girl called Svetlana, since they at least have travelled and lived in other parts of the world.

Although in the present economic climate, perhaps I should be grateful to have a job at all...

I'm wearing my Gap 1969 model bell-bottom jeans I brought back from New York for the first time today, and I really really like them (even if no one else does)!
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I thought I'd take advantage of the summer sales and buy myself a trouser suit to interview in for a fraction of its usual cost, only to defeat my own purpose by selecting one from the new collections. It's ever so stylish though, much better than that sad excuse of a grey one that's been hiding unused and unloved in my wardrobe forever, and will now soon be on its way to the charity shop.

and speaking of clothes, these quiz results tie in neatly with that subject )

Now in order to have a chance to be wearing this suit before it too becomes hopelessly out of date, I'll have to concentrate on applying for jobs. To that end, I've stored my cv in The Cloud, and expect to be writing many letters using Buzzword (my home PC came with MS Works, which I hate) from now on. Now all I need is to buy a printer, and today's newspaper. Off to the shops I go again!
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Gakked from [ profile] enigmaticblues

gURL.comI took the "Retro Runway" quiz on
My fashion is inspired by...
the '60s

Are you constantly looking for a new way to express yourself through your clothes? Do you value fashion over function? If so, then the 1960s is your era. During this decade, the abstract began to make its appearance in everyday wear.Read more...

Which fashion era do you belong in?

Well, that's surprising...yet maybe not. I was of course born in the 60s, so perhaps some of its fashion sense has rubbed off and stayed with me all these years. Though I must admit I was never a great fan of 60s and 70s fashion while I was growing up and having to wear it.

I remember my first favourite outfit. It was a dark green two piece of a pleated skirt and jacket with 3/4 length sleeves, a small rounded collar, and a big green button. I wore it with a short-sleeved white lace round neck top that did up at the back with lovely iridescent mother-of-pearl buttons. It was made out of one of my mother's dresses, and I wore it to playschool the day the photographer came round to snap my first school picture.

Another favourite piece from those days was a white skirt with a Chinese dragon, in reds and blues, going all the way round on it. Again, it was made out of one of my mother's dresses from the previous decade.

My mum used to make all of mine and my sister's clothes in the 60s and 70s, and the three of us had very definite ideas about what we liked. We mostly took our inspiration from Mum's old movie star scrapbooks, that she'd compiled as a teenager in the 40s and 50s; which meant that my sister and I were perfectly happy wearing petticoats to school in the late 60s (and again in the 80s when I revived that look for myself). We were always just a little bit out of step -fashionwise- with the rest of our peers, who teased us sometimes but mostly just accepted our sartorial eccentricities.

I wore zouave trousers way before MC Hammer (in '78-'79, actually). I wore slacks and bolero jackets, and brushed my long hair back into a single thick high plait decorated with scarves and flowers long before Sade made that look instantly recognisable to my school chums.

Nowadays, I dress slightly more conservatively; partly for comfort but mostly because I seem to have lost my knack and my nerve along with my figure. I'm in my mid-40s now, my boobs have gotten bigger, my upper arms have gotten flabbier, and everything else seems to have gone south a bit...a good look is so much harder to achieve when you're constantly having to worry about the flaws in your physique that need covering up.
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My digital camera is being very annoying. Despite all the settings being set to 'Transfer new images only' -and I double- and triple-checked them!-, it's suddenly decided to transfer all 200+ pictures currently residing on its memory card. Stoopid camera! I swear, if it didn't have its uses, it would now be lying at my feet in a thousand pieces. I had to lock it away and sit on my hands for a few minutes in order to stop myself from smashing it into the wall earlier.

Never mind. I just want to record the fact that I have a new raincoat. But not just any old raincoat. No no - I have the ultimate raincoat. By which I do not mean that it's made of Goretex and totally waterproof...I mean, it may be waterproof (though it certainly isn't Goretex), but I haven't tried it out in any heavy rain yet, and so I can't say. But what I can say is that it is gorgeous. It's got a very feminine, hour-glass figure emphasizing, cut. It's got a big turned-up collar in which the hood is cleverly hidden away. It's made of yards of material, it reaches to the ankles or almost, and the skirt billows and swishes when you walk. It cost much more than I was planning to spend, but as soon as I tried it on, I knew I wanted it. Next time I go on tour and it's pissing it down, I may still end up looking like a drowned rat, but at least I'll be an elegant, well-dressed drowned rat for a change.

coat on a hanger )
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What do we think of 3/4 length trousers? More specifically, what do we think of these picture ) 3/4 length trousers? I saw them in a boutique today and believe me, they look much better in reality than in this picture. They've got all these zippers on them and they're camouflage...I haven't got any camo duds yet...

And can I just ask you, since I'm about to go piss my money away anyway, your honest opinion about the Lacoste 'Club'-range in shoes; more specifically, the so-called 'Legacy' and 'Klimt' models? I tried them on and they're so bloody comfy, the leather uppers just so incredibly soft, that I'm seriously tempted...but...I don't know, don't you think they're a little too pedestrian for me?
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Don’t know what the world, or more specifically, my country, is coming to – but this morning at the bus stop, I happened to eavesdrop on a conversation between five red-blooded young males of the teenage variety on their way to school, and do you know what they were talking about? It wasn’t the football results. It wasn’t cars or any other form of motorised transport. It wasn’t even an upcoming German test they hadn’t studied for, or something. No, it was hats. Ladies’ hats.

You see, yesterday was Prinsjesdag, a day of pomp and circumstance when the Queen opens Parliament and reads out an address in which the government sets out its plans for the coming year. And all the women MPs dress up for it, making the corridors of power look like Ladies’ Day at Ascot for the day…with one crucial difference: with one or two exceptions, Dutch women don’t know how to wear hats. They often make entirely the wrong choices: their hats are either too ostentatious or too bland…rarely suit their owner’s faces and on the whole, are just too cheap and tacky.

No wonder the boys at the bus stop were scathing in their condemnation – which bodes well for the future in that they’ll probably grow up not afraid to tell their wives/partners that they look silly in hats, but OTOH…could they really not find a more manly topic of conversation?

In other news, I've decided to give Desperate Housewives another chance. For some reason, about half way through last season, I kept forgetting when it was on (same as with Lost, really), and even though I've already missed the first two episodes of S2, I happened to see the third yesterday and was quite entertained by it, so I'll try to remember it's on Tuesday nights. Which is the same night Gilmore Girls is on, making it easily the best night in the week for staying in to watch TV.
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Kept waking up last night because of the pain in my arm...surprising, that, as it had been behaving quite well the day before. Which meant that I didn't feel half as guilty for calling in sick this morning as I would have done otherwise, having promised Jobsworth I would stay until the end of the week.

Another good thing was that the company doctor did check up on me as he said he would, and I didn't have to lie to him about where I was. He warned me that since my complaints had started some 7-8 weeks ago as I recalled, I would have to count on me at least resting my arm for that same amount of time before the condition was likely to improve. We made an appointment for me to see him in 2 weeks, and we'll work out a plan for my 're-integration' then, he said -- indicating that he would not be likely to authorise my return to fulltime employment at that time. And, he was also going to speak to Boy about his habit of pressurising his staff to come back to work before they were ready, or to take time off when they're on the verge of burn-out; he said he'd received various complaints from different sources, and mine was just the last straw. So, it will be interesting to see what happens there.

Anyway, the weather's fantastic on this first day of my sick leave, and I just couldn't stay at home doing nothing. I didn't plan on coming in here and logon, though -- but I have just seen the most wonderful tops and trousers and skirts and shoes for my upcoming trip to the States, I just had to come and tell you all about it.

First off, there was a pleated dusky pink skirt with a dark brown/hard pink/blue flower motif woven into the fabric that caught my eye; then a pair of 7/8 trousers in a delicate shiny seagreen/yellow material that I think will go so well with my green/yellow/cream lace-ups; a silk skirt in gold and azure; an off-white brocade trouser suit; and a dark brown/green flowery skirt in some sort of layered flimsy stuff. We wants them all...we'll come back with a credit card, because none of these things were cheap, but who cares?

I also noticed a lovely pair of pink strappy shoes, and (but these'll be too warm for June) a pair of brown and white cow's hide boots that had a neolithic look to them except for the rubber soles: they're virtually shapeless and have to be wrapped around your legs with thongs (and these were available in cow's hide trimmed with purple, orange or light blue silk...I quite liked the idea of having a pair of orange trimmed wraparound boots for the winter...).

Meanwhile, I've only bought a camouflage print T-shirt because you can never go wrong with camouflage gear, can you, and a hard pink woollen DKNY jumper that I just couldn't resist: only 25 euros instead of the original 179 euros! Too bad I won't be able to wear that until Oct/Nov of this year at the earliest!

I can't say how often I will be able to check or update LJ in the coming weeks...I am supposed to be resting this arm, after all -- but I will be thinking of and missing you all. Bye!
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Early yesterday afternoon, it started snowing, and I mean it really started snowing. Of course, this led to the topic of the day in the office going:

"You haven't listened to the weather forecast this morning, have you H?"
"Would I be wearing full petticoats and strappy heels if I had? dumbass"

It's been snowing ever since. This morning when I woke up and looked out the window, the world was all quiet and white. The train in to work crawled through the pristine meadows, watery sunshine lighting the way...I don't mind winter when it's like this. Too bad it'll soon give way to depressing grey skies and rain again.
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The January sales started way before Christmas, and I've been a very good girl: I've only gotten a few bits and bobs over the last weeks, but I haven't gone overboard...yet. Though I must admit there was a slight chance that I might a couple of days ago, when I spotted a pair of half-high, suede & patent leather, flat-soled, tiny-heeled, pointy-toed boots in orange, hard pink and apple-green, by Dick Boons, one of Holland's foremost shoe designers. I've been going back and forth between that shop and my place and that shop and other places several times now, each time trying them on and thinking, "Yeah - I like these; these go well with my...", and then shaking my head and giving them back. I'm sure I'm annoying the hell out of the sales assistants. It isn't that I can't reach a decision, or that I can't afford them. I know I want them, and I know I want them in orange (or possibly the cooler green, though I've got nothing to go with that other than black); and as to the price: well, they're not in the sales, but who cares? Nope, the thing that's holding me back is a bloody self-proclaimed trendwatcher's comment. "Pointy-toed shoes are so out in 2004!"

God, I hope not! I won't say I've got winkle-pickers coming out my ears, but I have got a fair number of pointy-toed footwear, some of which I haven't even had a chance to wear yet! I'm thinking, specifically, of my cream suede ankle-boots from Harrods, bought Dec 2002 and worn a grand total of 5 hours 43 minutes since date of purchase. Or my black&white zebra stilletoes, dating from Sept 2002, worn for 2 days in Oct of that year...until I scratched the right heel and put them away because I got the hump. Not to mention my lovely curly-wurly boots I purchased last Oct, was it? The ones I've been raving about ever since? And yes, the pair of boots I bought in Nov does have a more rounded toe, but I didn't think they were a foreshadowing of anything...

This self-proclaimed trendwatcher went on to say that in 2004, we'll all be going back to the block heels and round, convex toes of the mid-70s. Aaaaarrrgh! Can any image you conjure before you be more scary than that? Never in a million years will I go back to that style. It was traumatising enough the first time!

I can't look at the few pictures of me in family albums that are still extant of those days. I've managed to snag and destroy most of them, but the few still left show a young girl desperately trying to make the most of what's available clothes-wise, and failing horribly. The colours! The materials! The patterns! The horror! Going to a schooldance in a long pleated skirt of polyester, and the sleeves on that bodice...words cannot express the barfworthiness of it. And the shoes were ten times worse! So please, someone, reassure me that those days are not coming back to haunt me this year! I would rather die than wear those hideously clunky 70s shoes ever again.

Back to the sales, though. I have been good: I've only bought 2 jumpers and 2 pairs of trousers so far. Unfortunately, I forgot to check the label on the black jumper and it shrunk in the laundry, so I'm going to have to go back and get me another, which kind of defeats the whole 50% off aspect of it...but needs must. Contrary to what my mother may think, I never have enough black jumpers (trousers, skirts, dresses, coats, blouses, cardies, vests, bras, knickers, socks or pyjamas). Again, blame the 70s and the hideous colour schemes I grew up with.

I only noticed there was something wrong with one of the pairs of trousers when I tried them on for New Years (the shops were so jampacked with people that I didn't even bother to queue up for the cubicles) -- they didn't go all the way up! I'd grabbed a pair of hipsters, the kind of trousers I'd sworn never to wear because my belly? Nobody's business but mine. Besides, I'm usually cold enough as it is.
They are lovely though, a greyish-green tinneroy with 5 big pockets and zippers on the wide wide legs, and they tie up with a nice big bow in front. They're Diesel, and a bit skaterish...but when I wore them with my trainers, the seams of the legs kept scooping snow into my shoes so today I'm wearing them with heels to keep them off the ground. And so far, everyone seems so impressed with my hip new duds! Still feels weird though, them not reaching all the way up to my waist, but I expect I'll get used to them...if I get the chance to. Because that self-proclaimed trendwatcher I know? She says hipsters are so out in 2004.
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Whoever's responsible for turning up the heating in this building clearly lets themselves be guided by the calendar rather than the reality. I swear it's warmer outside than it is in here, and I'm sat at my desk wrapped in a plaid -- how's that for a fashion statement?

Speaking of which, Clio managed to knock one of my hat boxes from off the linen cupboard this morning, reminding me of the fact that I hadn't worn any of my hats in ages. In The Netherlands, hats aren't really much of a ubiquitous fashion accessory, and since moving back here, I've sort of fallen out of the habit of wearing them. But thanks to my cat and her clumsiness, my outfit today, all caramels and chocolate browns, is topped off by my dark brown felt hat with fake fur trimming and and uneven rim pushed back from the front. I got it in Oxford years ago, when Anita took me round to all the best milliner's shops in town, and we ended up having tea in that swanky hotel, what's it called again? Oh yes, The Randolph, in Beaumont St.

I love millinery almost as much as I love handbags and footwear, and am willing to part with exorbitant amounts for a truly beautiful hat. I like them striking, although those that have survived as part of my wardrobe through the years are mostly of the classic variety...and oh no, I'm thinking bad thoughts again! 20 Days from now, I'll be in London...but I.Must.Not.Buy.Anything!

Oh God. I'm doomed.


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