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Damn you, shoe shops, and your sinister attraction! Lure me in with the promise of a summer sale, then seduce me with your new collection. What chance did I have against these suede, sunflower yellow, fringed ankleboots with Spanish heels?


70% off

Feb. 8th, 2012 06:13 pm
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But the cat is still priceless...

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On second thought: don't!
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It's been a while since I did a proper shoe post. What can I say? 2011 has been a very disappointing year for footwear fanciers so far; a least, I haven't come across any shoes that have made me break out in that cold, cold sweat of sheer covetousness in recent months. However, I did take advantage of the summer sales to expand on my collection a little.

First, I picked up these off-white leather ankle boots which I thought would be perfect for summer (back in June when I still harboured thoughts that there might be one):

but because it's been raining all the time, I haven't had a chance to wear them yet.

Next, I bought these suede slingbacks that I thought looked comfortable and decent enough for office wear:

and they were; only the first time I took them out of the box, one of the cats puked all over them and I've been trying for weeks to get the stains out without ruining the leather, with mixed results.

Lastly, I acquired these:

because, as I explained earlier, I like mocassins; and these were just too much of a bargain to ignore: marked down from 235 euros to just 19,95! They're by Karma of Charme, which means they're hand-made, but even so, can you imagine the margins they must be making on their products?

I took myself to the hairdressers' yesterday, as I was in dire need of a cut. Before the girl got to work, I shamefacedly admitted that I thought I might have developed a dandruff problem in recent weeks, as lately my scalp had felt itchy and tiny flakes would come out if I ran my hand through my hair and ruffled it. She had a look and told me "It's not dandruff. It's more like a kind of eczema, an allergic reaction of some kind." She gave me a couple of samples of hair products meant to soothe the scalp to try out, but if they don't, perhaps it's best I should speak to my GP. Great :( I kind of wish it was dandruff now...

On Thursday, just before I left work, my boss reminded me that I should start to look for another job again, and asked if I wanted his input to help with updating my cv. I told him thanks and I would, but even though I knew the chance would be slim, in my heart of hearts I had hoped there'd be an opportunity to stay on. Oh well. Back to the job search I go, then.
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I've got the day off and won't be meeting with a friend until later this afternoon, so I was uncharacteristically lounging abed this morning when the door bell rang at 7:54 am. I'd completely forgotten I'd arranged for a qualified gasfitter to come and do some checks the council said I needed done. They'd given me a window of 'between 8 and 12', so I guess I was first on their list today. I felt really stupid opening the door to him in my nightie.

Yesterday, as I was approaching the station on my way home from work, one of those religious nuts having nothing better to do than to harangue people in the street with dire warnings of impending doom and eternal damnation made me laugh - she shouted, and I quote: "You unbelievers, how can you go on denying the existence of God when you're wearing His clothes?" Srsly? That's the crux of your argument, your ontological proof? I'm wearing God's clothes? So He's about a size 12, then? I didn't stop to debate the issue, or semantics, with her, but I did chuckle all the way back to The Hague.

I haven't been on here much in the past weeks, as really, incidents like the ones above are all that seem to be happening in my life lately and there isn't much point in writing them all down. My life revolves around work these days, and I'm glad that it does, but again, there's not much to tell other than that I'm learning a lot and am enjoying it tremendously; but it's tiring and the last thing I want to do when I come home of an evening is get behind the computer again -- besides, I usually take some work home with me to either read through or play with, all to prepare myself for next month when my supervisor goes on holiday and I'll have to act as regional service manager in his stead. Why yes, I am a workaholic, and I don't know how not to be.

I haven't been able to shake off my frugal induced-by-10 month's-unemployment ways yet, despite in the meantime having received my very welcome first paycheck. Some of it's gone towards funding Common Rotation's next two studio albums, as they asked so nicely; but I'm still dithering over the Sonia Rykiel wedges I've had my eye on for some time. I tried them on again last night, but still couldn't bring myself to part with the cash :(.
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Summer's come early, with temperatures running in the twenties this week, so this morning I thought I'd wear sandals. I've been pampering my feet for the last couple of weeks getting them ready for service on warm sunny days and today I thought would be a good day to show them off. Unfortunately, with me not having worn these sandals for well over a year, my feet are now covered in blisters...on the soles! Very painful, as I'm sure you can imagine. I don't know how I'm going to get to work tomorrow...

Which reminds me, I took some pictures on my way in to work today, before my feet started hurting. They're here under the cut )

Work continues to be busy, and enjoyable, so that's all good...but even so, all's not well in my world: one of my closest friends has just told me over the phone that the tests have come back positive, in the sense that he's HIV-positive. Having already lost my two best friends, the thought of possibly losing another good friend that I've known for donkey's years fills me with utter dread.
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I used to think trainers were ugly and not my type of shoe at all, yet in recent years I've somehow managed to acquire a fair number of them. These Pantofola d'Oro are the latest addition to that category in my collection, and true to their name, feel like golden slippers on the feet!
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I know I shouldn't have, but I really, really couldn't deny myself the pleasure of adding to my footwear collection any longer. I have been a good, responsible girl and not set foot inside a shoe shop for the last 9 months, and it's been hard. So today, in Amsterdam, I caved. "Buy one pair, get another for 1 euro!", the banner outside read. Can I help it that the boots I fell in love with weren't in the sales? I still got the pumps, that were, for that next to nothing price...

pair of pumps )

As for the black-and-grey suede over-the-knee boots that made me fall off the wagon, all I can do is hope and pray that at least one of the positions I've interviewed for in the last two weeks results in a firm job offer.

simply irresistible )

Today's interview took place in Apple's Sales & Marketing office in Amsterdam centre, and I think it went OK. I can't say for certain though, as we veered off-topic quite a lot, and (as they're looking for someone to start in the position as per April 1st and leave again in September), they may be a little concerned about my applying for other jobs both now and in the future.
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If I ever find a job again, I'll celebrate with an outing to Selfridges' Shoe Galleries, which open day after tomorrow. 55,000 pairs of shoes in stock, 4,000 on show -- sounds like heaven to me!

And, if you're over 16 and a UK resident, enter their Share Your Shoe Story-competition now! Honestly, having taken a look at all the entries so far, it would cost you minimal effort to win yourself a year's supply of shoes (worth up to £400 a pair)!
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I went into town for two reasons today: firstly, to try and find a new trouser suit with a slightly longer jacket, a search that did not bear fruit as the ones I found were all similar to my current suits, with the exception of two that did have longer jackets...but these were unsuitable for other reasons. One was white and double-breasted; the other, linen. I hate linen because it creases. And itches.

I did spot some fabulous shoes, though. However, after having received the shock of my final energy bill this weekend, I'm trying to be a good girl and haven't bought them (yet).

My other reason was to check out the various temp agencies and see what -if anything- they had to offer. Seems there's an abundance of work if you're about to leave, or have just left, school. Still, I left my cv at one, and may visit a few more tomorrow.

Now I'm at home, feeling slightly bored. I'm not cut out for this. How do people who are unemployed usually fill their days?
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When I think back and remember what a loveable little boy my oldest nephew Mick used to be, and I look at the young man he's become, I can't help but wonder what on earth happened to him. He started acting out when he was 13, but we thought it was just the onset of puberty; e.g. he got into trouble with the police by breaking in and stealing materials from a building site. When he was 16, we found out he had a tendency to self-harm. He's had periods of severe depression and has attempted suicide on more than one occasion. He thought he might be transgender, and got accepted into a counselling programme prior to having a sex change...then changed his mind about two years later. He's run away from home more times than we care to remember, ending up in squats all over the country, sliding into drug abuse and petty crime (shoplifting). He's dropped out of every school or vocational training he's ever signed up for and at 21, has no qualifications and no prospects. Two years ago, he was diagnosed as having severe bipolar disorder; today, the latest round of psychiatric assessment has labelled him schizophrenic. Yet when all's said and done, he's still our lovely, likeable boy underneath. Whatever is to become of him?

Meanwhile, it looks as if his little brother Romeo is heading back into hospital to have yet another operation to his lymph nodes. His neck/jaw area is full of lumps and bumps again that will need draining very soon. The infection has now been raging in his lymphatic system for a full 5 months -- yet his doctors are satisfied that it's nothing more than a case of cat scratch fever?

With all this going on, is it any wonder I like to escape from reality by looking covetously at footwear? Which reminds me, I was going to show you these I bought the other day:

To be honest, I'm not very excited by them, but they'll come in handy one day, I'm sure.

Impulse buy

Apr. 8th, 2010 05:30 pm
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On the way back from the doctor's (who didn't want to prescribe me any more painkillers, but sent me on my way with a leaflet on how I should do some exercises using some sort of an elastic band that I ought to be able to obtain from...I don't know, a shop that sells sports kits or something -in other words, the sort of shop I never set foot in- or cobble together out of some kind of elastic material myself, four times a day for five to ten minutes at a time, for the next two to three months; and which of course I am never going to do), I picked up a brand new digital camera from a shop that was going bust.

Did I need a new camera? No, not really. The one I have is still perfectly serviceable. But this one's all shiny, less clunky, and says "12.2 megapixels!" on its body, whereas the old one only boasts it has to be better, don't you think? It's an Olympus too, which back in the day when I used to do some serious photography (back in the Dark Ages when cameras were still manually operated and I used to lug a great big case of various lenses around with me), was one of my preferred brands. I've still got one locked away in a cupboard, I think; used to be my pride and joy...But I no longer have access to a dark room, and besides, I'm far too busy to take up a pastime that time-consuming again. However, I might reconsider if, come September and my pottery class, I start to produce my masterpieces.

Oh, and I bought some new shoes, too. I'll show you a picture later.
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Some of you, I'm sure, must have been wondering whether I'd added to my shoe collection in the time I've been away from the computer. The answer to that question is yes...though by chance (i.e. the dreadfully cold and snowy winter we've just had) the focus has been very much on quality rather than quantity.

As I've just spent the entire afternoon fiddling with my laptop and my phone, I'm proud to present to you my three most recent purchases, though please forgive the grainy, washed-out quality of the pictures; I seem to have mislaid my photo editing s/w.

spring collection )
gamiila: (Default) looks like my desktop computer is finally broken. It wouldn't start up this morning, and despite my best efforts, remains stubbornly incapable of finding its own hard disk. Thankfully, I have my laptop; all earlier thought of putting it up on eBay has been rebranded 'stupidest idea ever'.

I'll be going back to work on Monday; sitting around at home doesn't seem to be helping my arm get better and (ulterior motive) I don't want to scupper my chances of promotion, esp. not now that I've managed to get my certification. It'd be different if my former manager were still in charge, but she isn't and I'm not sure what views her successor holds.

I spoke to my GP about getting some cortisone injections, but she refused to co-operate saying I'd be better off in the long run with a work place assessment, which the health care services person who kept ringing for an update every other day (oh! to be still at hp where they wouldn't bother you for the first 3 weeks! but you get what you pay for, I suppose, and hp was always stingey) has now set up for Wednesday afternoon. I thought it would involve someone coming round to check out my desk, but apparently not, as I've been asked to present myself at another location presumably for a once-over and a chat. They'll probably tell me to reinstall that annoying s/w that beeps and locks your pc for a few minutes every 2 hours, so that you can take the time to do one or two stretching exercises. Like that's ever going to happen!

The past two days have been dry, mild and (mostly) sunny. Small wonder then, that I feel the urge to go outside and check out the spring shoe collections. After four months in winter boots, I'm desperately in need of some lightweight fun and preferably flowery footwear. I've seen a pair I like from Irregular Choice, but I don't want to wait a week to have them delivered and then having to send them back because their size is all wrong (for some reason, occasionally IC's size 40 is too small while their size 41 is usually -and reassuringly- too big). Those therefore will have to wait until I can plan an escape to London some time soon, but in the meantime, let's see if I can't find something to tempt me a little closer to home.
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my new boots, let me show you them )

And that, in a nutshell, is what I've been doing these past few weeks when I've not been on here: I've been indulging myself, mostly in an effort to forget what a crappy PC my computer has become (honestly, I'm amazed it's actually working today). I've been toying with the idea of getting a laptop to replace it, but every time I've gone into town, I've come home with another pair of shoes...What can I say? I know where I am with footwear, and I don't know what I should look for in computers. Should I stay with a Windows platform, or go for a Mac?
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I got a call last Thursday, telling me that the 'indication' as they call it had come through, and that Dad will have to be moved to the nursing home within the next 7 days. It came on the same day my department had been told that because of 'business needs', all leave for the coming fortnight had been cancelled. Definitely a conflict of interests there, then.

I'd been feeling grotty, sniffly and sneezy all week, so I took a sickie last Friday, and then, after moping around at home for a few hours, took myself off for a little spot of retail therapy (ssshhhh, don't tell my boss!). It proved quite successful, in that lightening my purse cured my sniffles and sneezes most effectively as soon as I'd acquired these:

Read more... )

But...there is a God, and vengeance is His: the next day, I discovered I had an ingrown toenail, and now I won't be able to wear them any time soon. Well, not this week, I think.


Mar. 14th, 2009 11:47 pm
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I woke up feeling like I wanted some new clobber, so I headed into town...but apart from a pair of high-waisted trousers that unfortunately didn't come in my size, I couldn't find anything remotely purchase-worthy. So I went back to that favourite pastime of mine, and hit the shoe shops. And lo and behold! I struck it lucky in the third shop:

Originally priced at 225 euros, I got these suede and rabbit fur ankle boots for 25. According to the sales assistant, they'd had to slash the price by that much not because the credit crunch had made people more reluctant to part with their cash, but because no one had ever managed to get their feet into them...until I came along, that is. They are quite tricky to put on, but I'm sure that with time and practice, I'll soon have no trouble slipping into them...and now I'm hoping for a cold spell so I can show them off.
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I swear I wasn't going to look at shoes today (even if I'm always looking at shoes)...but these just screamed "Take us home with you!" at me. And at over 70% off, it would have taken a much stronger woman than myself to ignore that call.

shade your eyes! )
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A couple of months ago when I was in Berlin, I happened upon the Trippen shoe shop in the Haeckische Hof. I quite liked the quirkiness of the design of most of the shoes on sale, but failed to make a purchase then and there. This afternoon though, I discovered there was an outlet here in Amsterdam. And I bought these!

They're not my usual kind of shoe; I normally go for something a little more elegant...and yet, I'm surprisingly fond of them already.


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