Sep. 6th, 2012 11:04 pm
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I spent most of my evening out on my front balcony, listening to Coldplay play the Malieveld (an open field around the corner from where I live) -- not my favourite band in the world, but I don't hate them either; and a gift horse and all that...
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Amazing, the things you unearth when you decide to do a little tidy-up! While still on the hunt for Dad's photo album, I came across these photographs, taken on January 29th, 1979, in Rotterdam Ahoy - my second time seeing Queen live on stage. I thought I'd lost them in a house move aeons ago.

There's a reason why they're all of Brian May: my friend Ingrid and I (who shared the camera between us, so that we could take turns yelling and photographing) counted him as our favourite band member, and so we wouldn't budge from his side of the stage once we'd managed to fight our way there.

Brian May and Queen )

I wonder what happened to Ingrid? I haven't seen or heard from her in 30 years...


Feb. 1st, 2012 08:18 pm
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My long-time musical hero, David Sylvian, has injured his back; and this has impaired his mobility to such an extent that he has had to cancel his upcoming tour, or at least the March and April leg of it. They're looking to reschedule some of those dates, but for now, I'm left with no idea how I'll be spending the evening of March 9th instead.

My online cv was viewed 28 times in December. In January, the grand total of views stopped at 0.
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I agree that the changes to LJ that have upset half my flist, i.e. the disappearance of the subject line and the Userpics drop-down menu on Comments, have not made things easier for communities or individual users with basic, S1 style accounts. As a paid, S2 style user, I'm not directly affected; but I do think it's shameful how LJ has gone about implementing these changes and has so far failed to respond to the uproar it's created. But my biggest bug bear is the sudden increase in the amount of spam I seem to be receiving lately, all of it Russian, requiring me to go back to entries posted as far back as 2004 and delete these 'comments' from my journal. It wouldn't be so bad if, in the process of cleaning up, I could stop reading these old entries and losing valuable time that I would do better to spend job hunting.

Not that I'll have time to devote myself to that endeavour today, either; as I've arranged to meet a friend in town later on, and go see L'Artiste/The Artist at the art house cinema. I expect this will be the last new release I'll watch in the cinema this year, bringing my total up to 7 (after The King's Speech, Sonny Boy, Black Butterflies, Beginners, Jane Eyre, and Puss in Boots), which considering most years I don't get to see more than 1 or 2 is quite a lot for me. OTOH, it's been a very bad year for gigs, as I've only been to 1 (Mark Knopfler & Bob Dylan), in October.

And I'm behind my pace on my reading this year, too, or so Shelfari informs me every time I log in. Whereas last year, I read over 50 books; in 2011, I didn't manage more than 46.

My year in books )

Again, history and historical fiction made up the bulk of my reading. I can't help it, it's my favourite genre. Sometimes, it works, and works brilliantly (Bernard Cornwell, Glyn Iliffe), and sometimes, it doesn't (Stephanie Dray, Douglas Jackson). A few bargain basement books have been outright disappointments, while others have been real finds; and as for the classics...well, re: Lady Chatterley's Lover, I can't see what all the fuss was about; it's one of the most boring books I've ever had the misfortune to read. Three: Stalking Richard and Judy, Mini Shopaholic, and Good Omens, have been laugh-out-loud; but only one, Egyptian Dawn, has been put-away-in-disgust. The blurb was misleading, stating it dealt with the problem of dating the earliest dynasties (a genuine egyptological subject I have a particular interest in) reality, it was another crackpot theorist trying to persuade his readers to believe in Atlanteans and possibly, aliens, as the progenitors of the ancient Egyptian race. It never ceases to amaze me how many people are willing to credit that our ancestors were cretins who couldn't count to ten, let alone work out how to build a pyramid; and then write a book about it.


Nov. 30th, 2011 07:36 pm
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Well, LJ appears to have survived another DDoS-attack...

Last night, the CO alarm started beeping. I didn't know it was the CO alarm at first, having quite forgotten I had one. I tried to muffle the sound by pulling a pillow over my ear, but that didn't work and by first light, I gave up trying to get to sleep. Instead, I went to see if I could find whatever it was that was making such a racket; and there it was, beeping and flashing a red light, in the bottom of the hallway cupboard underneath all the rubbish I tend to shove in there and forget about. I took it out and examined it and as it said to call the emergency services straightaway in the event that it went off on the label, I did just that...only to be told that the alarm was beeping to indicate that its batteries needed changing. Made me feel like a right muppet...At least, I now know what to do if it should ever indicate a real emergency: grab the keys, grab the phone, grab the cats, and get the hell out.

In other news, I got turned down for the job of Quality Coordinator, so the hunt for employment continues. I don't expect to be back in work this year, though.

On a lighter note: I managed to obtain a ticket to David Sylvian, whose Implausible Beauty Tour 2012 will bring him to Amsterdam on March 9th. To me, seeing him in concert is the fulfillment of a long-held dream, and I'm looking forward to it with eager anticipation.


Oct. 21st, 2011 02:34 pm
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This morning, I had my first job interview since I left Apple. I think I presented myself well and gave a good accounting of my skills and past experience with the HR manager, and now it's just a wait till next Friday to see if they'll call me back for a second interview with the manager I'd be reporting to if I got the job, which is in quality management.

I'd better not plan to have any more such interviews on only a couple of hours sleep and virtually no prep again, though. Last night, I went to see Mark Knopfler and Bob Dylan in concert in Rotterdam with two old friends, and it was amazing. Mark Knopfler and his band took the stage before the interval (he was emphatically not billed as the opening act) and played brilliantly, but apart from the encore (So Far Away From Me) I recognised none of his tunes, as I'm ashamed to say I haven't followed much of what he's been doing since Brothers in Arms. This is something I will have to remedy forthwith, through iTunes I think.

Then Bob Dylan and his band came on after the interval and completely blew me away. An acquaintance of mine who'd seen him perform a few years ago had told me that the evening had been a disappointment and the artist was a shadow of his former self, so I feared the worst -also because I've never been a massive fan-, but on last night's evidence I have to conclude that at 70, his performance can still pack a punch. The arrangements and vocal approach were out of this world, the sound quality was great, and the band were just so well-rehearsed they didn't need to waste any time tuning up. And when Dylan played his mouth was just sublime.

2 pictures )

Unfortunately though, after the gig had ended and we got back to the station, we found that the train service to The Hague-Schiphol-Amsterdam was severely disrupted (i.e. cancelled) because of some inconsiderate wretch who'd committed suicide by jumping in front of a train some hours before. Which meant I didn't get home until close to 3 a.m...The railway personnel assured me, though, that this setback surely meant that I would smash my interview -- which remains to be seen. However, I'm quietly confident; and even if I don't get the job, at least I now know I can do one even when half asleep ;-).


Oct. 18th, 2011 12:21 pm
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For years I've said that I'd love it if The Stone Roses re-formed. Now that they have, my reaction is a distinct 'meh'.

But...guess who's going to see Mark Knopfler & Bob Dylan live in concert in Rotterdam this Thursday? That's! Last night, a friend of mine called to say she'd been given two tickets for her birthday this weekend, and would I like to come? I didn't need to think twice about answering that question ;-)

ETA: have secured my first interview. Am a bit annoyed though that after we agreed a date and time over the phone, they chose to ignore it and proposed another in their confirmation e-mail...a date I specifically told them was no good for me.
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Once upon a long ago, [ profile] bogwitch got us tickets to see Depeche Mode at the O2 Arena, and she did very well: she got us seats not too high up and virtually side on from the stage, which if you can't have first row centre is pretty much the next best thing in my opinion. A pity perhaps that we didn't have a completely clear view as some of the lighting rigging got in the way, but since there was this walkway projecting out from the stage that both Dave and Martin made extensive use of, this didn't bother me much.

The support act -don't ask me, I never caught their name- fancied themselves quite a bit but failed to ignite the audience; but then, I guess it wasn't their sort of crowd. They were a bit shoegazey I suppose, with all very samey sounding guitar-driven songs, a singer who posed like Jarvis Cocker and had a voice not unlike Ian McCullough, and a guitarist (there were actually two) who sounded quite a bit like The Edge.

I can't say other than that Depeche Mode were fantastic. Their show, their sound, it's just wonderful. They performed exactly the right mix of old and new, i.e. more old than new, material; in all, I think they did about 4 or 5 new songs, and all the rest was just an anthology of their by now enormous back catalogue. Many of my favourites were played, too many to remember them all. I remember Martin's set comprising Insight and Home, and for the encores he did One Caress; and I heard - in no particular order this:- Enjoy The Silence, Walking In My Shoes, Behind The Wheel, Stripped, Never Let Me Down, I Just Can't Get Enough (, not that one), The Policy Of Truth, A Question Of Time, It's No Good, Precious, Personal Jesus, and many, many more.

Getting back on the tube was a bit of an ordeal. In the press of bodies on the centrebound carriage I heard somebody complain they hadn't done Get The Balance Right. They had got the balance right as far as I was concerned.
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I'm green with envy. My sister's got a new boyfriend, and he's only taken her to see Placebo tonight...Up until a few weeks ago, she'd never even heard of them! Now she's texting me from the venue to say she's having a grand old time.

Serves me right for not having paid much attention to the listings lately. By the time I learnt of their gig, it had sold out. Oh well.

Less than a fortnight to go before Depeche Mode. It made the new boyfriend prick up his ears when I mentioned it the other day, so there's some small satisfaction in that, I suppose.
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Depeche Mode have just announced that they'll be playing the London O2 stadium on May 30th next year. Guess that means I'll be going, then. What about you, [ profile] bogwitch?

Tour of the Universe 2009 info
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Kung Fu Panda

We saw the billhoardings advertise the release of this film while we were in France, and decided that as a family, we would like to go and see it as soon as it came to The Netherlands; so when, a couple of weeks later, hp announced that they'd organise a special preview of it for employees and their families, I wasted no time in inviting my sister and her kids. Unfortunately though, on hearing that it would mean having to rise early on a Saturday, and being a family of notoriously late sleepers, they declined. Which is why I, always up with the dawn chorus and having this thing about never passing up on free tickets to anything that might prove fun, ended up going on my own. The film was excellent, very very funny and quite easily as entertaining and colourful as my beloved wu shu films on which it is so obviously modelled. Although it did feel a bit strange for me to be sat in a theatre surrounded by hundreds of ex-colleagues and their children; so strange in fact that I decided to forego the socialising over breakfast in the foyer after the movie, but just grabbed a few muffins off a passing tray and went on my merry way back to The Hague. Anyway, I definitely recommend it, and I want the dvd as soon as it's available.


by which I don't mean Christian Kane's Kane, but the Dutch rockband of the same name, played the Feyenoord stadium in Rotterdam Saturday night. It was their first gig in almost two years, and it sold out within half an hour of the tickets going on sale back in November. My sister, who's as big a fan of theirs as I am of CoRo or DB, had been counting the days for months, and I don't think she was disappointed by what she got. She danced, she screamed, she wore her Kane-top with pride, and I enjoyed myself as well (even if I had to mime the words to their newest songs -- Monique had loaned me their latest album the week before, but I hadn't bothered to listen to it) -- they put on a wonderful show; very energetic, and at least I did know their older stuff...sort of.

Kula Shaker

played the Parkpop festival in my hometown last night, and they were on fire! They rocked like an enormous rocking thing, and I don't know why they weren't headlining (Sheryl Crow was). The crowd certainly seemed to like them, and they seemed to be enjoying themselves on stage, too. It being an open air festival, and there being just the four of them, I wasn't sure that they'd be able to recreate their album sound, but I needn't have worried. All I can say is, if I thought Big Country's trick of making their guitars sound like bagpipes was neat, I was amazed by how Crispian Mills could make his sound like a multitude of sitars and sarods.

And didn't Spain do well? I'm so pleased they won the EuroCup; for once, the team that played consistently well, didn't lose a single match and showed they understood what it means to play total football, went home with the ultimate prize. It's a pity though, that I can't collect mine, as I'm no longer cleared to enter the hp premises -- I put my euro on Spain winning at the beginning of the tournament, although I didn't foresee that the winning score would be 1-0.
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I had an appointment at the Job Centre today (it's one of those conditions you have to meet if you want to retain your right to benefit), where I was assigned a case manager, who quickly agreed with me that at present, there was no need for me to attend any of their usually mandatory courses. We made another appointment for Aug 20th; fingers crossed I won't have to keep it. Still, I wouldn't say it was a complete waste of time; thanks to the fact that my details are now in their system, on returning home I found I'd received an e-mail from a prospective employer. Unfortunately, the job on offer is so not what I'm looking for, so I'm not going to follow up on it.

A court ruling last Wednesday makes it illegal to download music and\or film files from the Internet in The Netherlands now, too. Before, it was only the uploading of such files that was against the law, or so the papers tell me. A spokesman for Sony said they were delighted with the ruling. I'm sure they are, but I'm not. Why, instead of fighting all these costly court battles, can't they just make cd-s and dvd-s cheaper? I feel like a mug every time I buy one, and it's only my own cluelessness as to how things work on the 'Net that prevents me downloading stuff.

Tomorrow morning, I'm off to see Kung Fu Panda in Amsterdam, my last hp-sponsored treat. Tomorrow evening, I'll be in Rotterdam for Dutch band Kane's first concert in two years. My sister's a huge fan of theirs, and I got us the tickets for a sisterly night out way back in November, but now I wish I could get out of this prior engagement and go see Corn Mo perform with Ben Folds instead. They have two dates in The Netherlands this weekend, and I can't go to the gig on Sunday either as, you guessed it, I have a prior engagement to go see Kula Shaker.

And I've just realised I'll be missing the Doctor Who-finale tomorrow, too. Pity, it looks like it might be a good one.
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So, the Friday before last I slept in, got up, went into town, bought shoes, and met up with [ profile] anonypooh in time for a late lunch (of loaded chips and chilli) in Leicester Sq. Then we went off to buy her a new pair of jeans in Miss Sixty, stopping to take in a charming French street artist's performance in Covent Garden on the way. Back to my hotel to freshen up and drop off/collect our things, and out again to meet up with [ profile] freakspawn at Euston, and off to the pub for drinks and a chat.

Before long it was time to make our way into Camden, where the venue was a tiny basement in a pub called The Constitution. The kitchen had closed by the time we got there, so after greeting [ profile] quietychaotic and [ profile] deborahw37 who were already there enjoying a fag in the garden, we went back out again in search of some takeaway grub, which the landlord kindly permitted us to bring back in once we'd found it (hmmm, yummy kebab for me, and chips for my companions). It got a bit chilly and so we went in. By this time, our numbers had swelled to an 11, as [ profile] justanotherkj, [ profile] mezzerb, [ profile] love_by_137 and [ profile] miss_fairfax and two of her flatmates had also arrived on the scene. Shortly afterwards, the musicians arrived as well, and when DB came over for a pre-gig chat, I asked him if he'd take requests. "Sure, what would you like to hear?" he said, and I indicated that KJ had one. She'd been much impressed with his cover of DCfC's I Will Follow You Into The Dark and requested that. David wasn't sure Jordan could play it and asked if we were going to be at his Monday night gig. I hated having to admit I wouldn't, and he said he'd see what could be done. And so they played it later that evening, to the delight of all assembled.

As I said, the venue was tiny, and we were easily the biggest group of fans of any one artist there. Originally, there had been 4 bands on the bill, but the first one up had had to cancel and so it was DB and Jordan who started the evening off. They played a really good set of 7 or 8 songs, and then it was all over...for me, at least, and I suddenly felt so tired that instead of going on an intended pub crawl with Jules & Lorna (in the end, they went to a noodle bar instead), I went back to the hotel and straight to bed.

The next morning, after sorting out my Sunday morning stupid o'clock travel arrangements, I went over to Muswell Hill where Jules and Lorna had stayed the night. We had a (second) breakfast at a greasy spoon and then spent the entire day outside, exploring Highgate Wood, Highgate Village and Highgate Cemetery, where we discovered the tombs of Karl Marx and George Elliott quite by accident (we were too tight to buy a map or go on a guided tour). Never having been to that part of London before, I was quite pleasantly surprised at how leafy and airy it is, and the views are just amazing. If ever in a future life I come back as a Londoner, I want to live in Muswell Hill. Which probably means I want to make sure I come back loaded as well, as a quick glance in an estate agent's window taught me that property prices are well above my present life's earnings...

I left London on the 6.02am train to Bedford, and got home around noon. Phooey!
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The problem with holidays is, they tend to be over too quickly. Especially when you've only booked a week off and on your last day in the office, your manager approaches you with an offer that on the face of it seems enticing, but that you won't have a chance to investigate, sort out the pros and cons, or all the legal and financial ramifications; let alone check out the job market, because you're supposed to be doing something else somewhere else. Now I'm going to have to go back into work tomorrow, and will have even less of a chance to reach an informed decision.

David's Thursday night show had been cancelled, but lucky for me, something called the City Showcase meant he had a gig that afternoon in the Hugo Boss store in Carnaby St instead. I spent the morning window shopping for shoes (what else?) in Oxford St, checked into my hotel around 1pm; then after receiving a text from Jules that told me she was on her way to the venue, made it there in time to witness the arrival of DB and Jordan. They'd played in Paris the night before and Jordan said the tour so far had been exhausting. Still, he looked perky enough. David had been having some problems with his voice earlier in the week, but thought it was back up to 40%, and besides, he said, what he'd lost in range he'd gained in raspiness, and he said it as if it were swings and roundabouts. Jules turned up soon after, and we went for a spot of lunch while the band set up. The City Showcase involved several artists performing in various shops up and down the Carnaby St area, but I can't tell if this is a regular thing or not. Funnily enough, the presence of a singer in the store seemed to act as a deterrant to people to cross the threshold and browse for clothes or make a purchase, so as an experiment it may not have been entirely successful from the point of view of the shopkeepers.

instore concert )

In the end, they played to about 20 people, none of whom purchased any suits, but many did buy DB's cds, including myself as he and Jordan had recorded an EP just before coming out on this tour. When he asked if there were any requests, I asked for Boxes, which seemed to please him; he believes it's one of his more accomplished songs, and yet it doesn't make the set list, or gets requested, all that often. Which I think is a shame as it's one of my favourite songs from his After The Wrecking Ships-album. Which is still the last studio album...when oh when will Strange Light finally be released?

After the gig, Jules, her friend KJ and I headed over to the Tate Modern to see the gigantic murals on display there, and I finally had that 99 with flake I'd been promising myself for years, though at £2 I did think it was a bit pricey. Then KJ went off to blag her way into a TV studio audience, while Jules and I had fish and chips and mushy peas on board the Queen Mary. Here I was introduced to my new favourite tipple: Brothers' Strawberry & Pear Cider. It smells revoltingly sweet, tastes really sweet to begin with too, but drinks like lemonade once you've had a sip or two. [ profile] bogwitch, dare I ask: have you tried it yet, or is it too much of a party drink for your choice?

And then I went to the theatre to see Avenue Q, which came highly recommended by Jules, and it really was a hoot from start to finish. If any of you haven't seen it, which I don't suppose is the case as you're all much more clued up about these things than I, it's like Sesame Street for grown-ups. The jokes are corny, the songs are catchy, and the story (if there is one) very simple and a little bit preachy, and overall, it makes for a fantastic night out.

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The electrician has just left, doubled over in mirth. Turns out all the electrical failures I'd been experiencing in the home in the last month were due to the fact that I'd inadvertently flipped a switch I shouldn't have, and it took him exactly 0.06 seconds to find the problem and correct it.

Oh well.

I've booked my tickets to fly to London at the beginning of next month, but I can only make it to David's Thursday and Friday gigs in the capital, which is a bit of a bummer but better than no gigs at all. After that, there'll be a tediously long summer of all work and no play so as I can actually afford my trip to New York in October. Let's hope the dollar won't miraculously recover before that time.
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Sanne handed in her notice today. William left two weeks ago. Why do other people always get the jobs they interview for?

Looking at the dates for David Berkeley's June UK tour, and the amount of holidays I've got left this year, I don't think I can make it to all of them. Not even if I restrict myself to just the London ones; they're too spread out. I could make it to The Glad and The Constitution, I suppose...after all, 2 dates (out of 9) is better than none.

Oh! If only I could have been a woman of independent and sheer unlimited means! I'd spend my life following the music everywhere.


Feb. 10th, 2008 09:49 pm
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In the past week, nothing much has happened other than that I managed to give myself food poisoning (I don't know why I chose to dismiss that greenish tinge to the ham as just a trick of the light and nothing to worry about), bought another pair of boots, and had to replace the microwave as the old one decided to die on me right in the middle of preparing dinner. The new one looks very white and shiney in its place, but I haven't needed to use it yet so I don't know at present if it works.

I was going to see my physiotherapist (or physical therapist I believe some people call them), but he fell ill and because he'd failed to mark my appointment in his diary, his colleagues didn't know to warn me before I turned up at the practice, and I was so flustered I didn't think to ask whether any of them could see me instead. So now my shoulder, having enjoyed a nice rest this week, hardly hurts at all anymore. I'd be tempted to go back to work -as I'm going out of my skull with boredom watching daytime telly- only...I'm not sure the problem won't come back within hours of me starting again. After all, my first day back at work full-time last Monday proved to be a killer, and I couldn't even finish it. Besides, the doctor told me to take two weeks off, so another week of faffing about stretches in front of me.

But the thing that depressed me most this week was that I had to decide against the idea of following David Berkeley on his February tour of the Home Counties, or even coming down for just the weekend. As much as it would perk me up, I simply can't afford it now.
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Looking back on the last 365 days, I can't say other than that there have been highs and lows. To start with the latter, the lowest point was reached in March, when I lost my best friend in real life to legionnaire's disease. Since then, not a day has gone by that I haven't missed her, missed hearing her husky voice on the phone, missed seeing her lovely smile, enjoying the warmth of her welcome. She was always so pleased to see me, and she always made everything better.

Apart from the mental anguish, there has been a certain amount of pain and discomfort of a physical kind, too -- why, only two weeks ago I was hit by a bus and lived to tell the tale; but more importantly, after almost 3 years of having had to cope with a gammy leg, I finally had surgery to it in July, and after 3 months of medical attention and intense physiotherapy was pronounced fit and well again.

Through one reason or another, I haven't looked very hard for and therefore haven't succeeded in finding another, less stressful job nearer to home, and therefore this will be one of my goals for 2008. I have, however, lost a lot of weight in 2007, which I think counts as some sort of an achievement at least.

When it comes to travel, I've not been to any wild or exotic places this past year; but in April, I accompanied [ profile] anonypooh on a trip to New York, where we simply had a whale of a time. We had an ulterior motive in wanting to surprise our favourite musician friends Corn Mo and Common Rotation, and succeeded in doing so brilliantly.

Gigwise, it's been rather a good year, as -apart from several shows by Corn Mo and CoRo- I've seen Hair Supply and Jason Webley, OK Go, The Police, The Storys, and my latest favourite folk artist, David Berkeley. We met in April in Philadelphia, I flew over to see him in London in May, and then had the pleasure of following him on a tour of France and the UK with Common Rotation last November.

Through all these adventures and upheavals, you, my dear flist, have been there for me, encouraging and supporting me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the friendship and love you've shown me. I feel so blessed to have you in my life, and that's regardless of whether we've met in person or not.

Tonight, I will be celebrating with the family, so I will take this opportunity to wish you all the happiest of New Year's and all the best for 2008; and leave you with a clip of David Berkeley singing in a Paris club. Please, if you haven't checked him out yet, do it now.

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Well, it turns out the reason I can't get my mp4-player to work is because it's a 'MTP (Plays for Sure)'-device; or so Creative would have me believe. Basically, its software will only allow it to 'Play for Sure' if I downgrade (parts of) my OS, and\or make changes to the registry. Now that last thing, I am not prepared to do. As to the other 8 recommendations, I'll think about implementing those. Meanwhile, it can just sit on my bookshelf, and gather dust.

Sis got me to order tickets for next year's Kane concert in Rotterdam. They're a Dutch rockband, she's a massive fan...and it wasn't as if I had any plans for June 28th, so...

Jobsworth has been getting on my tits again lately. There are no limits to how much I despise and detest the petty little weasel of a man. He makes my skin crawl, esp. when he takes me aside to tell me how nice I look today, and to ask if I still have 'those killer boots'. Yes, I do actually, but he won't ever see me in them again.
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[ profile] anonypooh and I at The Willoughby, Leamington Spa, Nov 2007. Pictures taken by Christine Crespo.


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