Mar. 23rd, 2004

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Before LJ, I used to get my jollies Internet-wise on Yahoo! and Delphi, participating in message boards, groups and forums. I got to know some of the people I met online in this way pretty well, even regarding some as friends, swapping Christmas cards, recipes, and RL stories. A support network that got me through some real rough times: health scares, hospitalisation, divorce, death in the family...

All of that has gone out the window since [ profile] tiashome seduced me, sent me an invitation code for LJ. I am now so committed to keeping my livejournal up-to-date that I haven't got time anymore to visit my old buddies at Yahoo!Clubs or Delphi Forums. Though sometimes I sneak in and read the latest messages from people I used to know -- and the random The The lyrics going round my head at the moment 'You smile and think how much you've changed/All the money in the world/Couldn't bring back those days' are strangely apt to describe how I feel when I go there.

Plus, I really really hate the format of Yahoo!Clubs!

I'm coming up to my first anniversary on LJ, where I have found so many lovely people to share things with. But if I'm honest: gone are the days that I used to bare all in my online scribblings. I'm far more careful of the information I make available in my weblog than I used to be in the tight circle of cyberfriends I had before. And I wonder, is this a good thing or not? If I censor myself, even in those entries I mark 'Private', what business have I got keeping a web diary in the first place?

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I'd better fill out another meme to take my mind off it...gacked from [ profile] artemis_child, who undoubtedly got it from someone else, etc. etc. etc.

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