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Once upon a long ago, [ profile] bogwitch got us tickets to see Depeche Mode at the O2 Arena, and she did very well: she got us seats not too high up and virtually side on from the stage, which if you can't have first row centre is pretty much the next best thing in my opinion. A pity perhaps that we didn't have a completely clear view as some of the lighting rigging got in the way, but since there was this walkway projecting out from the stage that both Dave and Martin made extensive use of, this didn't bother me much.

The support act -don't ask me, I never caught their name- fancied themselves quite a bit but failed to ignite the audience; but then, I guess it wasn't their sort of crowd. They were a bit shoegazey I suppose, with all very samey sounding guitar-driven songs, a singer who posed like Jarvis Cocker and had a voice not unlike Ian McCullough, and a guitarist (there were actually two) who sounded quite a bit like The Edge.

I can't say other than that Depeche Mode were fantastic. Their show, their sound, it's just wonderful. They performed exactly the right mix of old and new, i.e. more old than new, material; in all, I think they did about 4 or 5 new songs, and all the rest was just an anthology of their by now enormous back catalogue. Many of my favourites were played, too many to remember them all. I remember Martin's set comprising Insight and Home, and for the encores he did One Caress; and I heard - in no particular order this:- Enjoy The Silence, Walking In My Shoes, Behind The Wheel, Stripped, Never Let Me Down, I Just Can't Get Enough (, not that one), The Policy Of Truth, A Question Of Time, It's No Good, Precious, Personal Jesus, and many, many more.

Getting back on the tube was a bit of an ordeal. In the press of bodies on the centrebound carriage I heard somebody complain they hadn't done Get The Balance Right. They had got the balance right as far as I was concerned.
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I'm off to London in a minute...well, 45 to be exact. Right now I'm at Schiphol, my favourite airport in the world, mainly because it's so well-organised. The amenities may be sparse, but at least they're very well signposted.

I haven't made any hard and fast plans, but then I'm only staying on till day after tomorrow. I may take in a show or a play tonight (Damien Lewis, Keira Knightley and Tara Fitzgerald star at the Comedy Theatre), or I may just stay in and read a book. Tomorrow though, is the big event: Depeche Mode at the O2! I'm meeting [ profile] bogwitch for that, and to say I'm looking forward to it, is an understatement.

It's not been a good year for gigs for me, this 2009 that's drawing to a close. With me having started in a new job in the closing weeks of the previous year, for the first six months of it I didn't have many holidays accrued; and then of course, the boys didn't make it over here, and David...well, his dates were posted too late in the day for me to arrange for time off. Hopefully next year will offer me more and better opportunities.

Anyway, I'd better go and get the security check over and done with. See yous!
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I've been dealing with and trying to settle my father's affairs since he died a little over two weeks ago. This has meant letters and phone calls to insurance companies, the IR and pension funds, and visits to the town hall and the bank. It'll take a few months before I'm done, apparently, and will probably involve the services of a notary public at some later stage as well. The laws of inheritance, although pretty straightforward in themselves, seem to require them.

Anyway, I've decided to take my mind off the whole gloomy business and focus on a fun future event today: seeing Depeche Mode live in the O2 in December! To that end, I've now booked my flights and a twin room in the Covent Garden Travelodge, and I'm very much looking forward to spending a few days in London and hopefully meeting up with some of yous there and then!
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Depeche Mode have just announced that they'll be playing the London O2 stadium on May 30th next year. Guess that means I'll be going, then. What about you, [ profile] bogwitch?

Tour of the Universe 2009 info


Sep. 1st, 2006 01:01 pm
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We are very sorry that you have not heard from us until today.

As you have been waiting such a long time, please confirm your fullpostal
address and the CD which you are waiting for and we shall send you another

Thank you and we hope that this is agreeable to you,

The Live Here Now Team
----- Original Message -----
From: "(..)"
Sent: Friday, September 01, 2006 6:59 AM
Subject: [Fwd: Re: [Live Here Now] order despatch confirmation]

> It's now been 6 weeks since you sent out the message and presumably the
> cd, promising it would likely be 4-5 days before arriving on my
> doorstep. I waited 2 weeks before trying to contact you the first time,
> as advised. I waited another week before trying to contact you again.
> This is my third attempt at contacting you, but since you have not
> deigned to acknowledge my earlier messages, I do not expect to hear from
> you this time either. Still, what else can I do, when the item I
> purchased off you still has not come through the post?

Obviously, it pays to go all passive-aggressive on I can only hope that their second attempt at sending me the DM London Wireless Festival-cd will meet with more success.
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I received notification that my Depeche Mode live cd of the Wireless Festival was in the post 17 days ago. It said that it would likely take 4-5 days to reach me, but that in the event it didn't, to give it 14 days and then contact their service desk through e-mail. Which I've done. I've been waiting for a reply, or even a confirmation that they've seen my e-mail, for the last 3 days; and I'm beginning to think that I've wasted £20 on a cd that's never going to materialise.

Also, I came back from holiday to find that 2 more of my colleagues have handed in their notice and won't be here as of next month.

BTW, I'm on Vox too.
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I got to London in good time and perfect weather conditions, and as I was feeling much much better thanks to the painkillers and the physiotherapist's attentions of the previous day, was travelling light and had no real time constraints, I decided to take a detour on my way to [ profile] bogwitch's through Oxford St in search of a pair of fashionable and much needed sunglasses. And as I was thus preoccupied, who should I bump into but Mr. Damian Lewis coming out of John Lewis just as I was wandering in? Not even in town 2 minutes and already I've spotted my first celeb!

A pair of River Island sunglasses the richer, I caught the train to Hemel Hempstead which on the way up filled to overflowing with squeeing fangirls en route to the Take That concert in Milton Keynes, and my thoughts turned to [ profile] anonypooh and [ profile] love_by_137 who I knew would also be going, and hoping they'd have a fantastic time as I now know they have had -- check out [ profile] anonypooh's post on the matter complete with pictures and video!

festival report, cut for length )

When Monday dawned, grey and wet, [ profile] bogwitch and I were up early, had a croissant for breakfast, and knocked up Lorna and Jo who were still abed at 9am! Lisa left while I nagged the others into getting washed and dressed, and then the three of us checked out and went for an early lunch (for me)/breakfast (them) in a trendy café in Islington. We had such a good time that we forgot the ticking of the clock, and Jo and Lorna missed their coach by 10 minutes as a result. They didn't seem to mind too much though; new arrangements were made quickly, and we said goodbye on the tube as they went to catch the train to Coventry, and I went on to catch mine to the airport. Where I had to kick my heels for 4 hours because my plane was delayed, giving me ample time to pick and choose a new pair of shoes at Kurt Geiger, duty free.

But guess what? We've made plans to meet up again in August, to go see Beneva, and Guys and Dolls starring Patrick Swayze!
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Of course, I'd forgotten to check if my batteries were still fully charged by the time I got to Hyde Park...and it turned out they weren't. Two cameras I had with me, and both refused service on the day. It's alright though: my companions all took photos, and I'm sure they'll put them up soon if they haven't already (see [ profile] bogwitch's journal for an impression of the line-up).

But just before the end though, in the middle of DM's encore, something made me take out my camera and try it one more time...and this is the result, before the screen turned red and gave the "Batteries Depleted...Camera Shutting Down"-warning.

photographic evidence of sorts )
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Just back from the gig. Too many impressions to sort through. Not enough time. Suffice it to say that they were excellent. Fantastic set list. Great light show. Music holding up brilliantly in a live setting. Martin wore little black angel wings and a black leather kilt over a pair of trousers, and a black woolly hat with earguards. Dave stripped and wiggled his bum. The audience sang.

We hung around at the stage exit and were rewarded with a glimpse of Martin -- he signed a few people's mementos but then got bundled into the car by his security people. He smiled at us, though.
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...when Lorna, Jo, Rachel and myself will finally get to see Depeche Mode in concert, after 8 long months of pre-squee and worry. We sat around watching most of Lorna's DM-dvds in the den last night, while enjoying pizza, Chinese take-out and Guinness, and it was fun; but tonight, we're going for the real thing. There's also an after-party in Edward's in Birmingham that we may go to -- Lorna wants to talk about the gig and share the experience with like-minded individuals, and with us, she's unlikely to get it (because we're mean like that and like to torture her; e.g., I've found out that she gets very indignant when I say that Martin's got poodle-hair and questionable dress sense).

So, as you've already noticed, Wednesday night I got a little tipsy. We started our pub crawl in Whitefriars, where the demon drink seduced me with a brew called Damson Porter. It was very nice. It was Open Mic night, too; and two young men -- well boys really, called Ken and Luke, set up at the back of the pub and let rip with covers of rock classics, which they did very competently. More than that, they embellished on the material as well, leading me to wonder if they couldn't do any original stuff. We didn't have time to find out though, as the pub crawl beckoned.

There was nothing much going on in The Hope and Anchor, so we went straight on to The Jailhouse, where we found that Roddy Radiation and Kirk Brandon were playing. This was too good to be true: we were on a kind of alternative 2 Tone Trail, and here we were, in our second pub, bumping into The Specials' guitarist and the frontman for Spear of Destiny! Jez, Lorna's housemate who'd come with us, introduced us to his mate Pugs, whose claim to fame in the 80s consisted of having named The Courtyard, one of the most influential venues in those days...but the sad fact is that there's not many of Coventry's famous bars and hangouts remaining.

After a while and a couple more pints we relocated to another pub, the name of which escapes me, where again, someone with talent was playing (Karl Sweet). On the way over, we passed a film crew, filming in the courtyard of one of the churches. It was for Lady Godiva, in which ASH will star. We couldn't see through the rain and the umbrellas whether he was there or not.

Then when we came home, Lorna and Jez encouraged me to go on LJ and tell you all about it. No wonder they were falling about laughing!

I slept well, and waking up without a hangover, decided to go to Nottingham and check out the shops there, which Lorna had said were better than Coventry's. I don't know about that, but there were certainly a lot of them. And, yay! a Starbucks, so I could finally have the caramel macchiato grande that I always order. That was about the high point of my day really -- the sun was shining, but it was awfully windy, and the castle art gallery and museum was closed for refurbishment while the costume museum turned out to have permanently closed. I kicked myself for not having asked [ profile] laura_isaac for her contacting details, as she'd said if I ever was in the area...

One thing I've discovered on this trip of mine, is that I can't use my credit cards, and I'm spending cash hand over fist. There appears to be a new law or directive in place that all credit card transactions have to be validated not just with a signature the old-fashioned way, but also, by giving in your PIN-number. I've had my credit cards for years. I've never had to remember the PINs. So I don't know them and my cards are useless here.

Hey! Since when do we have a Current Location-field? It's crap, isn't it?


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